Get a Web Site Redesigned – Tricks and Tips

 You may find that your website is not getting the desired results and you would like to get a web site redesigned to move up things in more positive side. The first thing that you must do is to review the changes that you want.

Reviewing and researching

You need to define a few things. They are:

  • Branding: Have you defined the brand that your business belongs to? You should describe the brand and also think about the likings and disliking of your target customer.
  • Improving targets: You need to reach target and is the website helping in this direction? If not, then what are the areas that are to be improved?
  • Profits: Calculate the income and the expense that you bear. Then find the profits. Mark the channels that are bringing the most profit and the ones that are not.
  • Competitors: Mark the competitors and check the health of your business in comparison with the competitors.

Now you can have the answers to the above and make a note to find the areas of the existing website that needs to be redesigned. When you want to redesign your site – you should not work on the areas that are giving you favorable results.

Diagrams and checklists to mark the changes

You should first thing of the information architecture or the content of your website. The content should be easy for your target customers. Prepare some structural diagrams and maps that will show the relationships of all the pages of the site. This will help you evaluate the goals and the reason of traffic coming into the website. You are now prepared to suggest the changes that are needed. Define the scope of the project that you are working with and the diagrams will help you prepare the checklist for the redesigned website and the proper designs and codes that will give strength to the redesigned site.

Wireframing and mockups

You should use wireframes while redesigning the site. This will help to resolve the problems and find approvals for the new ideas. This is the blueprint of each screen and can guide you visually. Share your ideas and the frames online with others to get the best ideas. You can also start developing mockups with the wireframing process. Then you can also share the mockup screen with your customers to gain insight to their ideas of the best site. You will now get a lot of ideas and criticisms too. Always remember that constructive criticism during the designing process is appreciated. Make sure that the last approval of your website should be yours. Set a launching date and then prepare for the ‘going live’ online process.