Fundamentals of YouTube video Optimization

YouTube is the second most visited website next to Google. This indeed says there’s a lot of scope for Digital marketers to reach the audience more than any other social media site.  But this doesn’t mean that posting videos on YouTube is simply going to fulfill your goals.  You need to optimize your content, just like how you would optimize your website. As there are several videos with millions of views available already, focus on the few crucial elements of YouTube SEO in Albuquerque that has to be applied to rank your videos:

YouTube SEO – The Fundamentals

Here are some of the YouTube optimization techniques suggested by the experts of SEO in Albuquerque you need to know:

Keyword Research:

YouTube is a video search engine, which is why you need to conduct keyword research to find what kind of content appeals to your audience. Start typing a Keyword into the search box and YouTube would suggest popular searches with its autocomplete feature.  You can also use Google’s free tool, Google trends, wherein you can use the ‘YouTube Search’ option to obtain the search data. You can use this data to compare the popularity of the keywords.

Content Is King:

Of course, you need to create great content that is distinct and engaging. Viral content that gets tons of views is amazing, but you need to focus on a loyal subscriber base that gives you consistent views for the long term. Make sure you produce good quality content and publish it on a regular basis. If you don’t post content periodically, you can possibly lose subscribers. If you post a video at 10 a.m. on Monday, make sure you follow that schedule every week following it.

Track Your Search Rankings:

Keep track of your position in the Google search results by trying out a range of keywords.  There are several tools out there, with which you can identify your progress as you begin optimizing your videos.

Don’t Keep It Short:

If you think that people prefer watching only one to two minute videos, you are wrong.  Always ensure that you post high quality, appealing content which will allow advertisers to run ads while also keeping the users engaged.  It is found that videos that have at least 5 minutes length will work much better, and are more likely to have higher rankings in searches.

Never Undermine Playlists:

The importance of playlists is often overlooked. Most content creators create playlists on the basis of their products, dates, genres and other categories that one should focus on.  With keyword research, create playlists based on what people are searching for. You can also include other people’s videos in your playlist to bring in more viewers to your channel.

Get in touch with an experienced digital marketing or Albuquerque SEO company if you are in need of optimizing your YouTube channel, while also incorporating the above steps to do so.