Four Kinds of TV Wall Mounts you can Find the Market

In any home theatre or media center, the TV is usually the focal point. To make sure you achieve your desired aesthetic and get the ultimate custom viewing experience, you need to invest in the best TV wall mount. Walls mounts help improve the overall TV viewing experience while ensuring your investment is safe and secure. To create the best entertainment space in your home, you must invest in reliable wall mounts from PrimeCables. Below are the different kinds of wall mounts you can choose from:

In-Wall Mounts

An in-wall TV mount works by hiding the bulk of hardware and the extension arm between the wall studs. Because of this, you can push the TV against the wall if you need full articulation.  With this wall mount, you can expect a clean, professional-looking installation with minimal clutter.

Low Profile TV Wall Mount

This kind of wall mount is ideal for ultra-thin flat-screen televisions. You can find many fixed low profile TV wall mounts which can get you as close as .33 inches from the wall. This lets you maintain a streamlined, clutter-free look.

In case your home theatre lets you position the TV at eye level against the wall, a fixed wall mount offers the best solution. Its slim design is fixed to the wall, ensuring discreet installation. This kind of mount is made of durable materials to keep your investment safe and sound.  Low-profile television mounts come with instructions and hardware to accomplish standard installations.

Tilting TV Wall Mounts

Are you looking to place your television above eye level like in the bedroom or above the fireplace, a tilting TV mount is a great option. Just like low-profile mounts, tilting mounts have a slim and sleek design. However, they also provide increased functionality. They make use of special arms to let you tip and position the TV screen at a downward angle.

Full Motion TV Wall Mounts

This kind of mount provides you with extended flexibility. It can tilt and swivel, letting you position the TV in the best viewing position. If you plan to put the TV in a big room with many viewing areas or place it in a corner, this mount offers the best solution. When positioning the TV in a corner, choose a full mount with two arms. Full motion TV mounts are designed for corner spaces and let you tilt, extend, or pivot the TV where you like.