For Effective Cybersecurity Programs Incident Detection Is Absolutely Critical

It is understandable to believe that for your company to be safe from cyber attacks, you need only the very best that cybersecurity measures can offer. However, it is vital to note that just because a smaller organization cannot afford expensive security services for their network, it does not mean that they are unable to obtain competent security measures. In such situations, the security of your network depends on the program’s ability to handle incident detection.

Without a doubt, incident detection is one of the core aspects of a quality SIEM tool. There was a time when it was a quality that was exclusive only to the upper echelons of cybersecurity services. Fortunately, strides in technology have made incident detection easier to attain, but not all cybersecurity programs put enough focus on it. Here are just a few reasons why incident detection is absolutely critical.

The number of instances to look over can be entirely overwhelming

It is no stretch to say that the number of instances that might be worth looking into for potential breaches can number in the millions. It is perhaps one of the biggest reasons why some quality cybersecurity programs are so expensive. Their ability to pore over an overwhelming number of cases in search of data breaches is not something that can be taken lightly.

Considering the sheer number of events that cybersecurity programs have to look into, it is no surprise why incident detection is vital to the success of any security measure.

False positives can take precious time away from genuine threats

Unfortunately, just as strides have been made in cybersecurity, most cyber attacks have also become more sophisticated in their process. While there might be some attacks that are entirely obvious compared to the rest of the events, a sophisticated cyber attack is one that will seem relatively uneventful – or at the very least, look like a false positive. When you take into account the number of false positives that cybersecurity systems encounter every day, it is no surprise how some attacks can remain undetected.

Incident detection is often considered the first and last line of defense

While some security systems might boost their ability to deal with a breach, all of that is for nothing if you cannot find the offence in the first place. Being able to go through each anomaly in search of a potential data breach will take up most of a cybersecurity service’s effort, especially if they are not known for effective incident detection. Just because you are unable to procure the services of an expensive and heavy duty cybersecurity system does not mean that you are helpless.

If you want your business to be protected from new cyber attacks, it is all about ensuring that incident detection is a number one priority. While it is true that smaller organizations likely cannot afford the best security measures, focusing on incident detection dramatically improves your chances.