Flying a drone was never as amazing as with the VISUO XS809W Quadcopter

It is not easy to fly a RC Quad copter, but definitely worth the flight. The requirement is to have sensitivity of the controls, the next move is to take the device off the ground and keep it at a safe distance.Slowly try to go up and down, slide and forward, everything very calmly, without hurry. Do you take the challenge?

If the answer is yes, we present you the VISUO XS809W, which can be driven via remote control, and through your smartphone using the built-in G-sensor, the drone can do 3D flips. Also it has Headless Mode and One-Key Return, so the drone will automatically come back where it took off.

Let’s start the flight! With VISUOXS809W quadcopter

Its 3.7V 900mAh battery takes only about 60 minutes to charge; making this RC Quad copter, one of the products that needs less power and provides more performance with a maximum flight of 10 minutes at a distance of 80 to 100 meters from the ground.

It has a 2MP HD camera and in spite of its little sharpness, makes big shots with wide angles, and works with 2.4GHz technology useful to avoid any interference while flying at any of its 3 levels of speedwith four channels and six spinning axes. Also, has the possibility to perform 3D rotations and be connected to Wi-Fi to capture or transmit real time videos.

Continuing with its physical characteristics, it has a folding arm and no head, so there is no need to adjust its position before flying. Although, its weight of 158 gr is considerable, its size is of 32.5 cm makes it small and dynamic. Finally, the RC Quad copter fuselage is made of high strength engineering plastics.

One of the best products in the market for Quad copters: VISUO XS809W

Definitely in addition to all these technical characters, there is no doubt that one of the advantages of this toy is that the camera lens can be turned upwards to see the sky and the horizon, or down for a more complete view and its records of good quality (720p 20fps HD)go directly to a microSD memory card inserted into the VISUO XS809Wor directly to your phone, however the Wi-Fi transmitted video is of lower 640 x 480 pixel VGA resolution.

Its foldable design makes it very portable, such as in a backpack, making it ideal for children or adults, for a high school experiment or for a large expedition and the recommendations to take into account aren’t many, just be careful with the arms, and don’t abuse the changes of speed in the flight.