Fixed phones are much more interesting than you imagine

Image result for Fixed phones are much more interesting than you imagineWith the arrival of smartphones massively at home, messaging and even flat rates to talk from the mobile phone, the forgotten ones in home communication are fixed telephones. What a time when having a fixed wireless was a joy that gave us absolute comfort to talk and talk from the couch.

If you still believe in the landline phone line at home, practically an imposition in homes by companies, you should know that technology and current models open a world of possibilities in the home. We propose you to know what you should take into account when buying a landline for home and the best models according to what you are looking for. And for your info, the landline phones are usually used at offices and many business people in Dubai, one of world’s economic centers, depend on what Grandstream Distributor Dubai offers.

What you should consider before buying a home landline

Choosing a landline for home is not usually associated with navigating between options, models or determining which technology or specification is the one that best suits my needs. But is not so exactly. From now on, if you need to renew a landline at home, we advise you to take at least a few minutes to set a series of characteristics that you would like it to have, and with them to decide the final model.

Some of the basic considerations related exclusively to technology, are not the services, which you should not forget are:

Wireless technology

It is quite unlikely that, for a home and not an office, do not opt ​​for a wireless model. Commonly the technologies that are available in the market are three: 2.4 GHz, and 5.8 GHz. The former have practically no presence in the market, and have been replaced by 5.8 GHz thanks to the lower probability of interference with other wireless home equipment.

Analog or digital

In the world of landlines, analog technology still has an important presence. It allows to offer very affordable terminals, but they are not the idea because of problems of interference and of course security. In order to prevent those two inconveniences, we will have to pay a little more, but we will ensure cleaner and safer communications at home. It’s also important to choose the one that provides multiple languages. One of the best examples is Grandstream GXV3275 IP Phone.

Bluetooth connectivity

Some of the best features included in current landlines are directly related to the system’s Bluetooth connectivity. With it we can use a handsfree as an accessory to share the agenda with the smarpthone or even answer their calls with the landline.