Five Secret Hacks Every Web Designer Must Know

Times have changed a lot. From the era when career choices were limited to engineers, doctors, teachers and at the most CAs, today there are a number of options available. With the advent of the internet, a number of jobs related to it came up and web designing is one such job. It is an awesome field for a lucrative career. But along with being lucrative, it is also a very competitive field and one needs to be on his/her toes to deal with the challenges and obstacles that keep popping up.

Here are few web design hacks that will help you stay ahead of others.

  1. Understand the Users’ Focus: However good looking and attractive website you have designed, if the visitor cannot skim through and identify key information quickly, he/she is most likely to leave and move to some other website. As a web designer, you can make use of analytic tools and heat maps to see what links and buttons are hit with the users and keep improving the user experience focusing more on them.
  2. Keep Website Updated: Technologies change at a breakneck pace and you need to keep up with it. The website you developed two years back can be totally obsolete in today’s scenario in terms of coding standards, search engine algorithms and browser compatibility standards. You need to update it on a regular basis making it relevant with the current standards or else the out-dated website might not display properly in the browsers or can have unexpected formatting issues.
  3. Making UXD Your BFF Helps You Win: UXD actually stands for User Experience Design. If you design a website keeping the people who will be using it and their expectations in mind, then it will definitely appeal to them. UXD is a low-tech but very powerful hack. Here, more than tech knowledge of coding, you need to understand how the layout, colour scheme, conversion action, payment methods, imagery etc. will influence the user.
  4. Think Differently: Don’t get stuck in the rut. Rather try something out of the box. A website that looks different and provides the best user experience always wins. The word “useful” should be the focal point when designing a website as it trumps every other aesthetic trick in your arsenal.
  5. Be Nice to Your Viewers: Are you surprised? We understand that it’s a personality characteristic, but it appeals in designing too. Being nice means providing a pleasurable and memorable experience to your viewers. You should design the website in such a manner that users have fun navigating through it and then they will definitely appreciate your efforts. This will then give them a reason to visit your website again and again and will result in building up a lasting relationship.

The ever-rising competition in web designing makes it mandatory for the designer to never underestimate the power of improving their techniques and knowledge about the new hacks in web design.