Factors Involved in Setting Digital Marketing Pricing

Digital marketing is a generic term which covers all the activities undertaken by a business to advertize their presence and products online.  This includes branding campaigns and advertising campaigns.  The fact that every year sees an increase in the number of sales being made online shows that mastering digital marketing is essential if you wish to run a successful business.

Unfortunately, there are many different ways to use digital marketing tools; it can become a complicated mess unless you understand all the details and are able to plan accordingly.  You will also need to be flexible to ensure you can adapt a digital marketing campaign quickly according to the changing markets.

If you are not already familiar with all the different factors involved in digital marketing it is advisable to use one of the many digital marketing firms.  For a fee they will handle all the issues, design your digital marketing campaign, monitor it and even, adjust it as necessary.  Of course, this type of service comes at a price.  As soon as you start looking at digital marketing pricing you will see there is a big discrepancy between the rates charged by different firms.  There is a good reason for this:


The more experienced a digital marketing firm is the more they will charge for their services.  This seems relatively fair as they will have gained experience in what tactics work and which do not.  They should also have gained a deeper understanding of what works within the marketplace and which techniques are generally inefficient.

Firm Size

The larger the firm the higher their digital marketing pricing structure will generally be.  This is because they will have more overheads and physical costs than a smaller firm.  However, the plus side of opting for a larger digital marketing firm is that they are more likely to have a range of specialists.  As already mentioned, digital marketing involves a variety of different tactics and approaches.  To ensure you cover every one properly it is worth paying a little more and gaining access to a range of experts.


In general individual consultants will charge similar rates based on the years of experience they possess.  However, agencies do not appear to have a clear digital marketing pricing structure established.  Many of them will simply charge what they feel is appropriate; this can result in large discrepancies in price and you should be careful regarding which one you choose.  Higher costs do not necessarily mean they are a better digital marketing firm.

Before you choose the right firm for your needs it is essential to consider what you will be getting for the digital marketing pricing quote you have acquired.  Every firm should provide regular reports and encourage your feedback and suggestions.  However, the best firms should be able to provide you with the right approach and this will be proven by the results.

Of course, the better your results the more the firm will be able to charge in the future; you may need to lock them into a price now to avoid any future increases.