Facebook Messenger Becomes a Useful Business Tool! Find out how!

Messaging apps are no longer exclusive to peer groups for personal communication. Businesses across the world are using this enhanced feature to connect to customers and engage prospects. Any social media marketing consultant in Perth will highlight the significance of messaging apps for businesses and will go one step ahead to help brands use Facebook Messenger to grow.

Over 1 billion people use Facebook Messenger and are reported to be more engaged with the app than with social media. Messenger will be used in business more and more going forward and no Facebook marketing plan in Perth will be complete without this element in 2018 and further on.

Read on to find out why you need to be using the app for brand development and overall business growth.

  • Customers prefer doing business with companies that offer a chat service over the ones that don’t.
  • Messaging has become an integral part of online shopping and Facebook uses plug-ins to bring a similar chat experience in retailer’s websites.
  • Unlike emails and phone calls, Facebook messenger is an instant two-way conversation. It helps resolve issues or obtain answers to your questions in a smaller amount of time. The speed factor associated with messaging apps makes them the most wanted tool of the era.
  • With Facebook Messenger, history lies intact with parties involved. So, any person involved in chat can always go back to the conversation for reference. This is however not possible with phone calls.
  • Facebook Messenger is more friendly and familiar. You may have used the app for multiple conversations in the past. You simply know the interface too well and are comfortable to initiate conversations with confidence.
  • Facebook Messenger involves no learning curve and can be used by leaders of different ranks.
  • Facebook Messenger allows business owners to send customised messages. While there is mass recognition for the app, there is exclusivity too.
  • Facebook Messenger is an inevitable tool when it comes to customer service. From offering prompt responses to sending private, customised messages, Messenger takes care of all customer needs.
  • Messenger is growing and is bound to grow further in upcoming years. Recent researches indicate the same and any good social media marketing consultant in Perth would recommend the app.
  • Messenger allows customised automated sequences to be built out within your Facebook business Page, taking away up to 60% of administration time spent responding to repetitive questions from your clients.

Apart from above reasons, there is a push as well as pull factor that is aiding in growth of Messenger in Facebook marketing in Perth. Customers are “pushing” away from traditional systems and marketing channels. This is turn is paving way from new sources like Facebook Messenger. On the other hand, regulatory changes in data handling methods and email practices are “pulling” Messaging apps closer to businesses.