ezTalks Interprets What Is True Cloud Meeting

In 2016, it can be said that cloud application landing the first year, cloud technology and video conferencing combined with the cloud conference has become one of the typical application of cloud computing. Since the concept of cloud conference, many video conferencing vendors have launched their own cloud meeting, and divergent views, to the user’s choice has brought a very big trouble. What kind of features should the real cloud meeting have? Today, we have completely independent intellectual property rights of cloud conference manufacturers – ezTalks to explain one or two.

Support over 10,000 people of the network video conferencing

The real cloud conference because of the use of cloud computing technology, so not only can support tens of thousands of users at the same time held a meeting, but also to ensure the smooth conduct of the meeting. Audio and video signal transmission stable, distributed server cluster technology, access to the conference system localization, low bandwidth occupancy is cloud meeting typical label. At the same time, the deployment of the server around the world, you can make the whole city to the whole country and even the global network of users at the same time.

Video conferencing combines SAAS concept

Cloud computing is not only the latest technology, as well as the latest ideas, SAAS cloud computing is a prominent idea. SAAS is defined as “software as a service”. Do not need users to buy products, users do not need any hardware facilities costs, maintenance costs, labor costs, product upgrades, etc., really zero investment in the use of cloud meetings, users have to pay only the cost of this service cloud meeting.

Coping with the complex Internet network environment

ezTalks cloud conference system All MCU servers are using two-wire access, completely solve the problem of cross-network compatibility. Cloud conference system can intelligently identify the access network environment, automatically assigned to the appropriate transmission line, the favorable protection of the network video conference stability.

Get rid of equipment, space, and network restrictions

Another major feature of cloud conference is zero limit, compatible with large conference rooms, small conference rooms, desktop computers, notebooks, tablet PCs, smart phones and other terminals, and in the meantime to achieve seamless docking; support IP / ADSL / LAN / WIFI / 3G and other network access; no matter where the participants can be at any time video conferencing.

As a leading cloud conference vendor, it can be said ezTalks for the cloud conference to do the best interpretation, so that users feel the convenience of information society, but also allow users to understand what kind of video conferencing is considered a real cloud meeting.