Enhance Your Email Marketing With Snovio Email Finder and Verifier

Finding emails is the basic necessity for any email marketing campaign. Regularly updating the existing list to clean it of non-existent email addresses that become obsolete with time is equally important to keep the email marketing on track. Snovio helps you with both of these essential functions through Email Finder and Email Verifier instruments.

Snovio Email Finder

You can find any email address on-the-go using Snovio Email Finder. You can search for email addresses by the desired domain name within minutes. The bulk search option lets you explore as many as 20,000 domains in a single search.

Snovio also has its own database of email addresses organized by location, industry, company name and size. This can be handy when looking up for email IDs pertaining to the industry or of any specific company.

Do you know the name of the prospective client and the company he or she is working for but don’t have their email address? The Email Finder will find it for you. You can also use the Boolean Search to scan several lead sources to find perfect leads and candidates based on skills, position, and location.

The Email Finder also has a browser extension for Chrome. Once you install this extension, you can save email addresses to the list from the websites you are browsing by just clicking the extension icon in the browser. Thus, it lets you build the list while browsing websites.

Additionally, you can achieve the following results using the Email Finder extension:

    • Perform a LinkedIn search to find and add email addresses of companies, people, and group members.
    • Conduct Google search on various topics and collect email addresses from search results.


  • Browse social networks and save email addresses from there.


Snovio Email Finder is thus designed to grow the sales as well as help the recruitment drive. The extension makes it easier to find and reach out to the potential leads. It’s also a helpful tool in reaching out to bloggers, influencers, and journalists.

Snovio Email Verifier

Sending out emails to invalid email addresses increases the bounce rate which may even get your account blacklisted. Having a higher number of invalid emails in the list also reduces the effectiveness of the campaign since it increases the chances of the emails hitting the recipients’ spam folder. Due to this, you must regularly validate the email list and remove invalid addresses from it.

Snovio Email Verifier is probably the best email validator out there. It’s an online application and you can use it without having to download any software. With the capability of verifying Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, and Outlook emails, it can be used on Windows, Linux, and Mac operating systems.

In order to check emails, just upload the email list, run the validation, and export the clean list. The verification process is extremely fast and accurate. You can verify thousands of emails in a matter of minutes without getting stuck anywhere. It uses real-time verification to detect disposable domains and catch-all emails. It also removes duplicate email addresses and detects emails that are temporarily unavailable.

The Email Verifier costs 0.5 credit for each email verification. However, they also have a free plan under which you can verify up to 200 emails per month.

Why not try it?

Want to find emails in the blink of the eye? Need to verify the email addresses list? Tired of paying separately for every feature? Need an all-in-one tool? Snovio is the solution for you. It has everything you need for a successful email marketing campaign at no cost at all! And the pricing plans are no less pleasant.