Elmedia As An Alternative To The Beamer App

Beamer is quite well known among people who have been using Apple TV or Chromecast in the past few years. Beamer helps in the streaming of videos from Mac devices to the Apple TV and Chromecast. It is loved by people due to its support of video formats and also for the support of subtitles. But still, an alternative can be sought for some drawbacks. The drawbacks include its inability to play online videos and need of a higher OS like iOS X 10. 10 or higher. So, an alternative like Elmedia player Pro is needed. If you are thinking of downloading Elmedia, then keep on reading to know more about it.

Why opt for the Elmedia Player Pro?

  • One of the needs of an alternative to Beamer Mac is for the need of streaming online videos. Elmedia Player Pro is capable of doing the thing and more. It can easily stream video from sites like Vimeo and YouTube and also plays them with subtitles and soundtracks. This option is available on Elmedia with the option called open online videos and helps to stream online videos on Apple TV.
  • Elmedia is working great with people as it is able to support streaming of videos of all formats and never compromised with their quality. Music can easily be streamed through the program and is supported in all Apple devices including
  • Elmedia Player PRO acts perfectly well as an AirPlay Sender and AirPlay Receiver and also it can be a Beamer alternative. It is compatible with Apple devices quite well. If you have something less than iOS X 10. 10 then the player will run quite smooth and have all the features.
  • Rather than just being a plain streaming App Elmedia has its own features. It has the option of video playback control and has the option of fitting the image on the screen. Screenshots during the screening can also be taken if needed. External subtitles and soundtracks can easily be added, and for the correct sound, it had an Equalizer with 10 bands. It has an inbuilt web browser for browsing.

If you have been satisfied with Beamer, then Elmedia Player Pro will make you happier. You will be able to stream the videos and audios in all iOS devices hassle-free. We can guarantee that you wouldn’t have any regret after you start streaming with Elmedia Player Pro.