Easy to use X250A XK Alien drone helps to keep your expectations high

300 meters of control distance: Some of the drones are having the control distance of under 300 meters but this is not the case with this one. 200meters might fulfill your needs but still, you will be looking for more distance that it should carry. With 300 meters you are exactly getting what you were asking for and it keeps the excitement to a different level.

Bigger LCD Screen: While flying the drone the screen shows what the camera is capturing. The screen that it is having is 4.3 inches. Which gives it a bigger screen to catch more important details and you do have to look deeper onto the screen. As the wording goes the bigger is better, it’s the same that implies on this screen. The Screen also has some adjustment buttons of brightness and color with few other various buttons.

Durable to carry: The weight of the drone is only 101 g and weight of controller is lesser than that. Most of the people worry about that due to heavy weight the drone might get damaged easily. Still, this drone is a light weight thus there are no questions of having any kinds of problems.

Battery indicator: This is the pure technology that will save your RC Quadcopters from falling down. The battery indicator is present on the controller that helps the user to know how long they can fly the drone. The alarm of the battery will sound and the light will start beeping. Once the battery reaches a certain level then you will get a notice that it’s time to bring the drone back.

Camera Quality: The camera is having 2MP with HD quality to shoot high-quality pictures and videos. The pictures can be clicked by using the controllers which make it easy to capture the perfect moment.