Easy Solutions: Instagram Lost and getting Back

The Studio provides support in the recovery of login credentials such as username and password to email accounts, PCs, smartphones, hard disks, clouds in cases where the owner holds the right and is able to prove it.

  • The activity of recovery of access or unlock data can allow the recovery of blocked mailboxes, hard disks or encrypted documents, mobile phones and smartphones protected by PINs or passwords and cloud accounts such as Dropbox, iCloud, Google Drive on which they are stored importance data for the customer.
  • In order to provide the password or PIN recovery service, the customer must certify and declare the ownership or the right to use the device or accounts by means of a purchase receipt or other testimonials and certificates that will be properly verified.

The cases in which technical and legal support can be strategic to recover Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or email account passwords are many:

Access to the accounts of a deceased user

In case of impossibility of access to the devices or accounts of a deceased person, the relatives or the beneficiaries can request access to e-mail boxes, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin profiles, cloud services such as Dropbox, iCloud, Google Drive or any type of missing person’s online account.

Most e-mail services (Libero, Gmail, Tiscali, Yahoo, etc.) include procedures for password recovery by relatives of deceased subjects, but they are not always easy to follow and often require assistance from specialized technicians or of law firms. Finally, when it is not possible to obtain the support of the providers, it is necessary to take action to recover the access data directly from the computers, from the mobile phones, from any pendrive, excel sheets or password manager, even at the cost of forcing any encryption activated by the family member (knowingly or not) when he was still alive via dictionary or wordlist based brute force systems.

Access to the data of a deceased person

The problem of access to the documents of dead people, not only when the tragic event happens suddenly, is now more and more frequent. Customers often ask us how to unlock the smartphone of a family member who has failed how to access his PC to download documents, accounting, photographs and videos. If you want to make things easier for you then do make use of the Instagram account hacker now.

There are frequent cases of tablets, iPads, iPhones and Android smartphones that need to be unlocked because the family members do not know the PIN or password of their late partner, in particular when the departure occurs unexpectedly or a credentials transfer is not planned. It may in fact be necessary to access Whatsapp chats, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, text messages, contacts or the list of calls made and received by a dead person, if the failed subject has not left the PIN or the password to unlock the mobile or smartphone.