Draw attention to your subject with a color splash

Color splash technique allows you to bring color in a black and white image. Color splash when used will give a deep and vibrant color to the main subject. The background under the color splash technique will have a black and white color. This technique is useful if you have to draw the attention of the viewer to the main subject without any distraction.

It creates a sharp contrast of colors between the main subject and the grayscale part. It highlights the important aspects of your picture. It gives your snaps a deep and thoughtful effect.

Color splash your photo using these steps

  • Upload your photo in the photo editor.
  • Go to the photo effects option and select it.
  • Select the black and white effect.
  • Click on the paintbrush and adjust its size to 0%.
  • Start coloring the area that you wish to highlight.
  • Save the photo once done.

Color splash with HSL

HSL stands for Hue, Saturation, and Luminance. HSL is a widely used adjustment filter for photographers regardless of using any color splash tool. It allows you to adjust different components of colors in your picture. It provides eight color channels, and each has a distinct effect from the other. Luminosity mostly helps in the brightness of hue.

Colour balance is the most important thing while using a color splash. It can help you make minute changes in the shades, shadows, and highlights. Be specific and careful while using it as even a small change can give a contrast effect to your imagination.

Color splash helps you to focus on the subject you want. It can bring out the best aspect of your photography in the limelight. Color splash is a tool that can bring flair, deep style and excitement in a picture; it is not necessary that it suits every photo.