Designing Your Own Home Cinema: A Quick Look at the Basics of the Room Setup

Making a cinema in your home for you and your family is exciting, but where to start? Too many variables, too many options to deal with and with those everything, the budget is an important factor to consider. Financially, to build a home cinema, it may cost you something between $1,000 to $25,000 and even more. If you visit Amazon, you can get at least a thousand varieties of home theater speakers. Therefore, if you are confused with your planning, it’s very natural.

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So, let’s set it down, even if you aren’t that tech savvy, you can still think of things to maximize your home cinema experience and do a home cinema design.

How should the Room for your Home Cinema be like?

Following are the ways your home theater room should be like:

  • If you can choose rectangular room, that would be the best fit for a home cinema.
  • For best vision and best sound projection, your display screen should be placed on the short wall of the room.
  • The lesser the windows, the better, if you have too many windows, the reflections of light over your screen will not feel that good while watching a movie.
  • If there are too many windows, opt for screens so that no light from outside can pass through them while watching movies.
  • The walls of the room should be drywall, that would make the sound much more decent.
  • Don’t put paintings or anything covered with glass as they will distort your movie by reflecting lights on the screen.
  • Better if you can carpet wall-to-wall in the room, that would be good to carry the wires of the speakers, and at times your children would love to play crawling on them while watching a movie. If you sometimes feel like to lay down and enjoy a movie, you can also lie down on the carpet.