Design Trends – Should You Lead or Follow

Whether to lead or follow design trends is a question companies frequently ask themselves and have difficulties to answer. On the one hand, if you want to be good at your business, it is advisable to use tried and trusted strategies that will bring you the desired profit. On the other hand, you should strive to be unique and easily remembered on the market with severe competition. Finally, the decision whether to follow or set new design trends will depend on your clients, your business, your own and the clients’ preferences. Here are some hints to help you decide when to lead and when to follow design trends. Hopefully, you will make the best choice for your company.

Questions to answer before you decide whether to lead or follow design trends

There is a group of questions you should ask yourself before making the final decision on the subject. Since web designs are changing rapidly, there are always some new trends on the market. To be successful, you need to be aware of the novelties around you, but that doesn’t mean you should follow each trend that appears. Sometimes it’s good to be a risk taker and make the first step yourself. You will soon realize how much unique content is important for your website. Consider the answers to these questions to make the final decision:

  • Does a new design solve any of your problems or it just causes further difficulties? – Understandably, the changes you make in your business should aim at improving your work, not making you fall behind with it. If you don’t benefit from the new design, if it doesn’t attract new potential clients, maybe it’s better not to get yourself involved in it.
  • Will the new design trend help usability? – It is crucial answering this question affirmatively if you want to make any changes. Usability and sustainability should be cherished at all times. No new designs should endanger these aspects of your company.
  • Are there any websites that use the new design trends successfully? – If the answer is yes, it’s worth exploring your options a bit. Maybe implementing a new design trend will do good for your business.
  • How does the new design trend fit your current business? – If it is possible to implement it without making any serious changes, analyze your options. If not, it’s better to wait for some new ideas on the market. It’s better not to do anything than to take wrong steps.

Figure 1 There are some important questions for you to answer before you make the final decision whether to lead or follow design trends.

The answers to these questions will be indicative of whether it is worth following a certain design or not. However, if your clients insist on using them, discuss the possible issues with them first and leave the final choice to them.

Design trends – When is it ok to lead?

When the new design trend you want to set is the result of serious analysis and thorough thinking. Only then can you create something remarkable for other companies to follow. For example, Movers Development has done an excellent job with moving companies as their clients. The company provides its clients with creative web solutions, PPC and SEO services of top-quality. The list of those willing to do business with them is constantly growing, which is a great success.

Figure 2 There are certain circumstances when it is advisable to take the lead in designing new trends.

To be able to suggest something innovative, you have to be aware of the flaws of the existing designs. Then, you can brainstorm for some new ideas and implement them into your own business as an example for other companies. Since almost any type of business can be done online, it is of key importance to pay attention to this aspect. Your final aim should be to rank highly on Google and be visible to your potential clients.

Design trends – why do we follow them?

Firstly, because we like being in the comfort zone. When our web designs function well enough, we are afraid not to make a change for the worse. Secondly, following trends doesn’t make us think much and we perfectly fit into the system. Although it isn’t very challenging or rewarding and it gets boring soon, we want something that fits for everybody else, so no risks are included. However, what we don’t understand immediately is that you have to change since the web designs are constantly changing too. Optimizing your site for better conversions is necessary if you want to continuously get new clients and improve your business. All those who visit your website should find something to remember in order to do business with you.

Figure 3 Following design trends can be beneficial.

Why do we need new design trends?

Simply because technology is changing and design trends need to follow these changes. However, creating something new and innovative isn’t for everybody. It is an exhausting and tiring process which requires high-level creativity and knowledge. Furthermore, you need to be well-informed about the situation on the market, what clients want and what they look for. When you create a company’s website, the best you can do is to combine SEO and PPC. The results you will get will be rewarding by all means.

Final words on design trends

When you need to decide whether to lead or follow design trends, it is much easier to make the final decision if you are a small company. The consequences of making a mistake are much more serious for big companies with long tradition. They have already found their place on the market, won numerous customers and making changes may not be desirable. If you are a small company, you still need to grow and expand your market, so innovations are always welcome. Feel free to do something out of the ordinary. This may be the right way to become remembered and noticed among numerous competitors.