Decompress With B6Zip (Mac B6z Files)

You may ask yourself, who needs a free decompression program when Mac OS X opens most common archive formats straight out of the box?  Quickly you may find that there are many other file formats such as .b6z that cannot be opened with the built-in Archive on macOS.  Many people rely on third party software such as B6Zip to provide that extra functionality that is just missing from Apple.

Many mac users are saying that they use B6Zip everyday.  That there isn’t a file format that cannot be opened by B6Zip.  You will never need to even open the program since it works behind the scenes to transparently decompress any archive file you throw onto your Mac.Image result for Decompress With B6Zip (Mac B6z Files)

Many years ago a common practice was to archive files and compress them so that they could easily fit on a floppy drive, or be split into multiple archives that each fit exactly onto a floppy to be put back together on the end computer.  You may have a hard time decompressing such files today as there are many esoteric archive types such as .sit that are not really used anymore.  The only tool that can open these reliably still is B6Zip which has support for dozens of archive formats including .b6z and other popular formats like rar.

If you use the internet a lot then you might see .b6z files on various download sites or maybe sent through e-mail.  These files are no problem for B6Zip and there is also support for some of the older DOS and Windows file formats.

Installing B6Zip is only a matter of downloading if off the official website and going through the quick setup.  Unlike normal programs, B6Zip will just open up with a preferences window when you double click on it, the extraction process can be done by double clicking on an archive in the Finder that you have set as an associated file.  You can also drag a file into the app and it will decompress that way.

In short, if you need to open a b6z file or any other archive, you can’t go wrong with B6Zip.