Co-Location: A Basic Discussion With Customer Examples

Datanet is proud to serve a diverse array of customers with co-location services. We’ve helped many of them find different ways to take advantage of the possibilities. The goal of co-location is to house vital equipment in a resilient offsite facility that can provide power, connectivity and environmental conditioning even if services (of any sort) are interrupted in your primary location. Let’s take a closer look at some specific examples of co-location plans that are benefitting our customers today.

Datanet has been delivering hosting, connectivity and co-location solutions for over two decades. If you’re looking for a reliable and robust co-location arrangement, our Veeam pricing Tier 3+ London Data Centre, is well worth your attention. Experience the very best in POWER, CONNECTIVITY, SECURITY, and COOLING.

Co-Location for Business Continuitya

We have a commercial customer based in central London. They co-locate in order to fulfil the requirements of their business continuity plan, namely housing vital DR servers in a secure offsite location. Proximity is still important, as this organisation needs to access its offsite hardware rapidly in the event of an emergency. The Datanet London Edge data centre is ideally placed for them. This same client relies on our Dell EqualLogic storage arrays for data backup; this service preserves their data. If there is small or large-scale infrastructure damage impacting their London offices, they can load that data onto the dedicated hardware located in our data centre to minimise the amount of downtime their organisation has to suffer through. This is textbook co-location. Besides rack space, Datanet can also provide customers with dedicated suites, a service that is in high demand.

Co-Location in a Laboratory (Proof of Concept) Context

We have another business customer renting a healthy amount of our rack space to run a Proof of Concept (also known as POC) laboratory. Their business involves developing both hardware and applications for use in the telecommunications industry and they thoroughly test their products before offering them to their own clients. Our Data Centre’s co-location services enable them to create a realistic simulation environment that closely mimics a large-scale global deployment for application and hardware testing. This robust simulation environment lets them maximise the quality and reliability of the products they offer to their clients.

Co-Location for Cloud-Based Managed IT Services

We also have a customer that delivers managed IT services. This involves making a resilient server suite available to their own clients and they rely on Datanet’s data centre to operate their hardware. Our centre meets and exceeds Tier 3 requirements, featuring multiple redundant generators, UPS systems, cooling systems, resilient internet links. The result is guaranteed uptime of 99.999 percent; this particular customer can pass that same guarantee on to their own clients with confidence thanks to our sterling track record.

Running a reliable cloud-based IT management business, operating a proof of concept lab for IT testing and maintaining a strong business continuity plan are just three of the many reasons to take advantage of strong co-location services like ours.

With Datanet as your co-location partner, you get more than top-notch power, connectivity, security and environmental stability. We also provide unbeatable data availability and high-bandwidth connections for all of our customers. Our data centre is fully supported by an experienced and trained engineering team at all times so that you’ll have on-site assistance whenever you need it.