Celayix Software offers advanced integrated employee scheduling system

If you are managing an office then you must know how difficult it is to manage employee schedules. If you are doing it through spreadsheets then it’s too much time taking and annoying for sure. Are you seriously worried about it? If yes, then we are here to give you the best solution which is very helpful for you. Our company Celayix Software provides advanced online employee scheduling system which always help you to automate the scheduling process and save your valuable time. The main motto of our company is to help hundreds of clients to simplify their business and better employee communication. No doubt the advance breed of employee scheduling software of our company will make your business more smooth and save your precious time. Our high tech employee scheduling system comes with various features like Payroll Integration, Time and attendance, Employee communication and Employee scheduling.


Payroll integration:

This feature immediate export the attendance and time data of employees for the payroll and accounting solution. Our company also provides pre-built templates for other admired solution like Paymate, quick boos, sage, open systems and much more.

Time and attendance:

You can easily track the working time and attendance of your employees through our advanced scheduling system which always help you to improvise your business. This feature always helps employees about time –in and time-out through web, Smartphone or telephone.

Employee Communication:

Employee communication is very important for an organization our software also comes with many exciting features regarding this. With our advanced software you can easily communication with your employees by web which always help your organization and bring confidence on your employees. With the help of this feature your employee can easily create time sheet and can review it. They also easily access any up-to-date scheduling information.

Employee Scheduling:

Our software comes with employee scheduling features which always help you to track the working hours of your employees, it also help you by eliminating double booking. It also helps you to determine the accurate staffing level you need for each phase of working time. You can track the balance working hours of various employees and many more advance features.

All about Celayix Software:

Our company is a government registered company which is based in British Columbia and we offer best work force management solutions and integrated employee scheduling software to various organizations worldwide. We always understand the importance of Employee scheduling system for any business or organization and provides effective and multi-features employee scheduling system to our client according to their requirement and within their budget.

Why Celayix Software?  

  • You can get high quality services and product from our company which definitely fulfills your expectations.
  • You can get 100% quality assurance on our service.
  • We never takes any kind of hidden cost from our client
  • You will get quick respond and service within the deadline.
  • We always work under some ethical principles.
  • Our team members are highly educated, dedicated and well-experienced on technical aspects.

If you need any help from our company then we are always there to help you. So feels free to contact us. If you want to know more details regarding our service and other information you can visit our official website.

Now, if you need more information about work your employees are doing during office hours, combine this software with different time tracking tools, such as Workpuls. This way you’ll know what they’re doing in real-time while on work, and it will help you calculate payroll according to their performance. At the end of the article.