BNW Acoustics KS-15: The Limited Edition Pro Series

Aside from family time, why do people go to a theater to watch the latest blockbuster? Best sound quality that you’ll ever experience. Yes, that’s correct. Besides the huge screen, the theater’s surround sound system is simply impressive. It’s perfectly configured which makes you feel that you are in a different sonic environment. Is that any way that we can bring that experience home? Yes. There is definitely a solution to this.

    Introducing, BNW Acoustics KS-15 Home Theater System. If this is gonna be your first time to experience home theater sound, prepare yourself for the best of the best. This 6-piece HT speaker package is a BNW Acoustics Limited Edition Pro Series. Now, this unit will definitely surprise you, with its capability to reproduce music and soundtracks with precision and clarity.

BNW Acoustics KS-15: What makes it so Special?


This new BNW Acoustics KS-15 Home Theater System has a total power output of 1500 watts. It comes with a built-in 5.1 channel powered decoding receiver. 5.1 channel home theater receivers provide a good listening experience that fits perfectly especially in an average sized- room.  It also produces high-quality surround reproduction for optimum sound output.

    This unit has an on-screen LCD backlit display with the exclusive multi-channel management system and level control. Now that might sound a bit complicated but you don’t need to worry, the KS-15 is proven to be user-friendly and can even be compatible to respond with MP3, MP4, CD, DVD and AUX. When you currently have HDTV, it would be perfect with KS-15.

    What most people dislike about new technology are the setting up process and the complicated navigation. With BNW KS-15, you can forget all those worries. If you are into DIY projects, this one is easy. Setting it up is easy, and if you’re into DIY projects, the package comes with instruction manuals which can also be found online through the BNW Acoustics website.

Additional Accessories.

You just sit back and enjoy each moment with the BNW KS-15 since it comes with a full function slim-line Norway remote control. Don’t waste your time standing up and adjusting the configuration, use your remote control for ease of access. The cables used to set up a home theater are seriously important. With BNW KS-15, its using IA 4 series 24-carat gold plated audio or video interconnect cable and also IA 5.1 SC hybrid cables.

    When we purchase a gadget or an electronic appliance, the first thing that we notice is its appearance. The BNW KS-15 will definitely catch your attention. Its elegant black finish will be perfect to make a room look simple but classy. Setting up this package is easy. The front and surround speakers come with brackets for wall mounting. The center speaker features an adjustable back foot lets you position it on top of your TV or HDTV.

BNW Acoustics is developed with multiple driver technologies which make the speakers recreate sounds accurately. It produces a broader spectrum of frequencies compared to the home speakers that we were used to. All of these states of the art technology is available with the BNW Acoustic HD Series Home Theater Systems, especially the BNW Acoustics KS-15.