Best video downloader for flash videos on Mac

If you look at the list of applications that a computer has, then the flash player will always be at top. The very obvious reason behind it is the popularity of the flash videos. Here are some of the applications that could let you save the flash videos offline, on your Mac device.


VideoDuke is one of the strongest and reliable video downloader for Mac. It is called the all in one video downloader, due to its amazing features and a lot of functions. If we talk about the best flash video downloader, then also you could not find a better video downloader than this. It is not a new name for the Mac users, as all the problems that you face while downloading any type of video on Mac could be solved by it.

If we talk about the working of this software, then it works basically in to modes. One is called the simple mode and the second one is called the advanced mode. Both of these modes could be used depending on the requirement of the users. The simple mode allows you to download the videos at a good speed. To download any flash video with the help of VideoDuke, you just need to copy and paste the URL of the video in the section of the application and turn on the simple mode to get the best speed. The advanced mode allows you to operate 4 tabs at a time. So, you could do a lot of activities at one time with the help of advanced mode. Be it any format of the video, VideoDuke is able to download them all.


After VideoDuke, the one video downloader that allows you to download flash videos on Mac easily is iTube. This software supports the download of flash videos from more than 10,000 online platforms. These videos could be downloaded in any resolution the user want it to download. The best part about this software is that it could download the videos 3 times faster than the other downloader of this category. Along with that, if you wish to download the full playlist from any of the sites, then it is capable of doing so. The only problem that this software has is that it does not come free of cost. You will have to pay money in order to buy it, which is actually worth.


This software is different from the previous one in the sense that it comes free of cost. Do not get confused with its ranking in this list. It is no less than the software that we mentioned earlier. It is known for the multiple downloads that it could do at a time. It supports all the popular video streaming websites. If you are aiming to have a video downloader that could give you a good service free of cost, then this is the one you should go for.

So, these are the popular video downloader that could actually download the flash videos with great ease on Mac. One could choose any one of them according to their needs and requirement.