Best Spy apps for Android

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Smartphone is a common one today. More and more numbers of people use smartphone in their daily life today. The reason for this is the features that these smartphones offer. An important reason for using smartphones by people around the world is the applications or “apps”. There are thousands of mobile apps are available for smartphones. Whatever is the OS type, one can find a lot of apps in online. Particularly, for Android, the Google Play Store consists of more numbers of apps in it. Also, one can download apps from other online sites also.

Here we have given a list of top rated spy apps for Android. By using the following spy apps one can be able to send secret messages or track someone’s location or make secret calls etc. Make use of these spy apps and have fun

Cell Tracker

If you need to track someone, that is, if you need to track some location of a person or a place then this app is the right for you. This cell tracker is a mobile tracker free application that tracks down the location of a person or a company and find out where the location is. By using the Wi-Fi and GPS technology, this application collects the information of the user of the device that you track. Also, it has a “View Now” option through which you can view the locations where the tracking device had visited.

Children Tracker

Today’s scenario of the world makes parents in a situation to always keep an eye on their children. Thus, those who want to track their children’s that is where they go can use this Children Tracker application. Just download this application and install it in the device of your child and launch it. This app has an option to hide it thus your child doesn’t know about this app. After that, you can track your child through online

Mobile Hidden Camera

A hidden camera app always occupies a good role in spy apps. In order to use this hidden camera app, you need to download and install it in your device. After that, tap on the black screen to make a quick shot. The best part is one can also able to capture videos with this app. This app automatically starts recording videos once the user enters into the video mode. In addition to this, it also has a number of other camera app features and it is easy to use

Spy message

If you want to send a secret message to someone but don’t want to keep it in his or her phone, you can do it with this app. You can set time for your message to delete automatically with this app. The message will self-destruct after the configured time is reached.

Secret calls

If you want to maintain your call activities safe and keep your contacts secret, you can use this app. It hides your contact icon from others and also deletes the call logs of both incoming and outgoing calls. Hence, no one knows about your contacts and call details even though they have your phone.