Best Software for iPhone 8 File Transfer

SyncMate is a Software that is developed by a company that is 15 years old and is into developing software for iPhones and Android phones. The iPhone 8 is a newly released phone. The phone is making it big in the market due to the tremendous security features it possesses. The software that is synced with the I-phone 8 should also be of a good quality to comply with that of an iPhone 8. The SyncMate is exclusively available for both the android as well as the iPhone platform. The SyncMate for I-phone 8 can be downloaded by paying a decent amount after a trial.

How to download SyncMate for “iPhone 8 file transfer for Mac“?

To download SyncMate for iPhone 8,

  • One has to visit the official website of SyncMate which appears first on the google search list when the search is made using the right combination of keywords.
  • Click on the green color button that mentions Download
  • Once the .dmg file is downloaded, one has to run the link
  • The permission has to be accepted in order to download the software originally on the PC with MAC operating system.

Thus, the SyncMate Software is downloaded. This software can be used for trial purpose only. To buy the software, one has to click on the red button that says Buy Now.

SyncMate, iPhone 8 file transfer for Mac features:

These are few features of the manifold features that SyncMate, iPhone 8 file transfer for Mac offers.

Auto Sync:

Auto Sync is one of the best options that are available for Mac Operating System, iPhone 8 file transfers. The Auto Sync is a checkbox option and by default is not given a check; it has to be given a check if one wishes to use the Auto Sync feature.

Use iPhone-8 on Mac and use Mac on iPhone-8:

The various apps and icons like Calendar, Images, Music, and Documents of the iPhone-8 can be synced with that of the Mac OS. To access the files on the MAC OS, MAC Disk feature can be made use of.

Send Messages from Mac for iPhone 8:

One can send messages from Mac for iPhone 8, the SMSs can be read, and the call history can be read. The database is kept up-to-date.

Thus, the SyncMate without any second thoughts can be stated that it is one of the best Software for synchronization between iPhone and Mac.