Best Phones for 2017

The best phones of 2017 might not be something new that just arrived on the market. You must go deeper and learn about previous versions. Don’t just examine brands but also models. In other words, all versions of Galaxy by Samsung show that the recent release is not better than other models. In fact, with Galaxy by Samsung the battery life on the current release is not as good as older models.

Galaxy S7 and S8 Edge only have about 20 hours of battery life before charging. But the S5 can provide up to 27 hours. S4 was only able to handle 17 hours of continuous usage without a charge. The S5 remains the more reliable of all of them and the newest release will never catch up. Click here for more information

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Galaxy S5

S5 charge has a 7-hour advantage – yes 27 hours before a charge. It is this best of all the Galaxy models. And, they don’t really have a side by side comparison – it gives articles on one and then on the other – you can only compare one at a time and it is a lot of research.

Compare Samsung phones

The best choice is when you compare Samsung phones. This one is outdated but still worth keeping for all kinds of reasons. The S5 is great due to the battery life, it offers. But you wouldn’t catch this unless you compared Samsung phones side by side (one at a time).

Review site

But websites that have reviews – this is how they say it looks:

  1. Samsung Galaxy S8
  2. Apple iPhone 7 Plus
  3. Apple iPhone 7
  4. OnePlus 3T


At SpecsPro – this website wants to become your main assistant in selection of the best phone, computers, laptop etc. Here is how they do it – the first search box found on the home page; you type in up 7 phones and you will get all the scoop on these phones. They don’t make a choice for you – but they will give you all the information you need in order the make a choice. Their choices were exactly what is posted above – but I didn’t get this list from SpecsPro. SpecsPro did also advise to go back and compare all the Samsung Galaxies.