Be a master of your own path with Renault Duster

Had one been billionaire, one needn’t dream about the car. In fact, they can have more than 10 cars and only two of them for regular use. The story isn’t the same for middle class family in even if you are living in Bangalore earning in six digits.

Multipurpose Used Cars

Owning a brand new car is still a dream that misses many eyes for many reasons; high prices and higher maintenance among all. In India a car can not have mere a one use. Weather if falls under the MUV category or not, car is going to be used for many purposes and therefore buying a used car sometimes prices a wise decision.

Transporting friend’s luggage to shifting office equipment to going on holidays, a decently robust car with advance technology and cost-effectiveness is must for Bangaloreans. Comparing all the viable options, experts are putting their finger on Renault Duster. So, what is the price for used Renault Duster in Bangalore?

Honestly speaking, the prices are low with those dealers who have larger fleet like TrueBil is having over 500 used Duster, which shows sellers’ confidence. So, let’s check out the prices by models.

  1. Renault Duster Rxl Dci of 2014 may cost you around 8.5 lacs
  • The same model of 2013 can be cheaper by 1 Lacs rupees.
  1. Renault Duster x4 RxZ Dci of 2015 could be cheaper by 3 Lacs compared to market price
  • The same model of 2012 can be available at the little more than half price
  1. Renault Duster 110 PS Rxl Diesel of 2015 can be availed at mere 10 Lacs
  • The same model of 2012 can cost you somewhere around 8 Lacs

There are many other variants that can be cheaper even than these prices based on their make. However, one thing is sure, buying from certified dealers can bring you many advantages.