Avoid These Common Blogger Mistakes

If you love blogging and want to join the rank of successful bloggers, then you need to ensure that you do not repeat the same mistakes committed by some of the most seasoned bloggers at times. I have come across blogs which have grown popular and become information hubs by attracting hundreds and thousands of visitors. Some of the popular websites are able to generate millions of visitors to their blogs which has made them immensely successful.

Blogging can be rewarding experience, if you are able to boost your subscribers’ base and increase your revenue over time.

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Here are some of the most common blogging mistakes that you need to be aware before launching your blog:

Lack of blogging schedule

It’s obvious that when you start blogging, you may be able to get plenty of fanciful ideas to create your blog posts. But suddenly after a few days, you begin to realize it’s getting harder to get fresh ideas and end up racking your brains. On the other hand, there are bloggers who do not set any specific schedule for their blogging activities, which can end up becoming a problem for your audience. Either you may end up publishing quite often or irregularly, which might both end up in frustration among them.

#Tip: It’s best to set a fixed schedule of posts which you want to publish every week-say 3-4 and space them evenly to generate interest in your audience.

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Not focused on your target audience

I think this is one of the most common mistakes that most bloggers end up making most of the times. If your audience visits your site and does not find a solution, you honestly can’t blame them if they leave your site.  Remember your blog needs to be targeted at a specific audience, especially if you are selling a product, service or providing your recommendations. If you want better engagement for your blogs, then it’s essential to do solid research on the needs of your audience and provide them the best solution with a powerful content.

Lack of structure and presentation

It’s very tempting to start writing your blog posts when you are brimming with ideas and finishing it up-but you could end up writing a blog post which will not satisfy the needs of your readers. Most people scan the blog posts and they find it interesting to read it, if it’s well-organized and has the right type of content.

The key to writing a blog post is to create a proper structure by writing an outline to cover the broad areas of the topic which you’re planning to write. It gives a logical structure to your content and ideas so that the rest of the stuff gets easy to write.

#Tip: Create a list of takeaways that your readers can get from your blog post and divide them into broad section headers. Essentially you need to fill the paragraphs under each section and your blog post can become more interesting for your readers.

Not focusing on research and data

If you are writing business related blogs for marketing purposes and it’s not backed by any claim-then you will definitely not be able to convince your readers. Arguments and claims are more powerful when they are based on solid research or data findings. Data driven content tends to be catch the attention of the readers quickly compared to plain fluffy content.

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So, when you publish your next blog post make sure you introduce data as evidence for the main argument and then the key takeaway for your readers in the end. There are many great places to find data and HubSpot Research and Marketing Sherpa can be useful for this purpose.

Describing about yourself and your company

You are likely to put off your readers, if the focus of your blog is on promoting your company and its products. First, you need to create trust in them by offering them as much valuable information and good advice as far as possible. Share some interesting news or updates that they may be curious to know or which is likely to catch their attention.

The key to engage your audience is to present a variety of information in front of them than the same plain, old boring stuff. The way in which you communicate with them through your blog post can also make a huge difference and using a plain and informal language packed with some humor could do the trick as well.

Not including images in your post

How many times have you scrolled down a blog post without reading the content completely and thought it was boring? Well, this could happen with your blog post too, if you do not have images to make them more engaging for your readers. Use infographics, charts or graphs to make your content unique and stand out from the rest. Plus, images help in breaking the monotony for the readers and makes it easier for them to grasp complex topics.

Not responding to blog comments

The biggest mistake that you can ever make is ignoring the comments of your readers and not responding to them back promptly. For the audience, it shows lack of concern and interest and leads to disengagement with them. You can build your trust and credibility by engaging in a meaningful conversation with them-whether it is by sharing your advice or your knowledge with them. Secondly, you get more number of followers for your blog by giving them more attention and turning them into your loyal readers. There is a greater chance of attracting new visitors to your blog in this manner.

Tip-Don’t underestimate the value of responding to blogs as most readers may find them to be useful and may come back to reading your content. Be polite and professional, while responding to blog comments as you never know- you may be engaging with your new potential client or another guest blogger.

Not including social media sharing buttons

You want to reach a wider audience and not restrict your blog to your family members. Right? That’s the reason you need to make your blog shareable and clickable as much as possible even if you have a great content and an eye-catching title to show. You can make it a bit convenient for your readers by adding social media buttons to your blog so that it can be shared among maximum number of readers as far as possible.

There is also enough evidence to prove this point as most of the studies have shown that visitors tend to usually click more on the top and the left side of the blog. Thus, displaying your social media icons in this area tends to get more attention from your readers and can get more traffic for your site. When you make it easy for people to share your blog, you are likely to get an overwhelming response which might boost your ROI.