And you thought PCB assembly service providers could only offer one service?!

The myriad services offered by PCB assembly service providers are as follows:

  1. Low – Volume, High mix PCB Assembly

Custom requirements with circuit boards of small volume in terms of component specifications, component packages, assembly technologies or levels of density are available.

  1. High Volume PCB Assembly:

Circuit board assembly projects are with DFM and DFT.  Test methods such as solder paste inspection (SPI), automatic optical inspection (AOI) solder, in-circuit testing (ICT), X-ray inspection, and functional circuit testing (FCT) are selected based on client’s request.

  1. Consigned PCB Assembly:

Fabrication and assembly will be accomplished by such service providers when customers supply with all parts and components required doing so. This is very cost efficient and helps use up extra parts left in the inventory. Such a method can be very useful to produce a custom PCB assembly which needs specific expectations and specifications.

  1. Partial PCB Assembly:

If certain parts are missing to complete a perfect consigned PCB assembly for you, their services will provide the rest and thus produce a hybrid solution to your problems. Parts provided by service providers will be from reputable sources which will pass through their strict code of quality control (QC)

  1. Full Turnkey PCB Assembly:

Through Full turnkey PCB Assembly, the service providers take care of all aspects of the bill starting from choosing and placing components on user specified locations to manufacturing the perfect solution to customer’s PCB requirements. This lets the customer pay greater attention to the design of the PCB while the PCB assembly service provider takes care of the remaining aspects

  1. Prototype PCB assembly:

Highly flexible assembly is provided at extremely low rates with a fast turnaround. Customers need not worry about electronic assembly workmanship since this service allows for complex designs to get built for testing.