Accessible Housing Project Prosed for City of St-Lazare

Recently on the popular Ellen DeGeneres show, there had been a 12 year old boy who was working on a prototype creating an application that allows people with wheelchairs to find accessible places for them to stay at, eat at or simply be entertained at. The Los Angeles ORM team had been trying to help promote this along with giving a donation to it on his GoFundMe page. Now, in St-Lazare, which is a city not far from where the company is located, they are working on accessible housing projects for people in wheelchairs. This project aims to provide seniors and others with limited mobility more options to live independently within the community.Image result for online reputation management Los Angeles

This would be a three-storey, 34 unit complex on Des Marguerites street that is near Ste-Angelique road which would include an elevator and underground parking. Ten on the units are to be adapted housing units with features to improve accessibility such as light switches mounted lower for people in wheelchairs to reach. The other side of the building would include some space for business or commercial use claims the Mayor Robert Grimaudo.

The reason why this project is needed is due to the fast-growing community’s housing stock, which is dominated by single-family homes in car-oriented rural and suburban developments. He is putting this project in place due to seniors who are looking to downsize to smaller homes or have mobility issues are often pushed to neighboring town such as Vaudreuil-Dorion or even Ile-Perrot. This location is ideal since it will allow for the residents to walk to the grocery store, restaurants, pharmacy, doctor’s office and other errands, which is perfect for those who cannot drive. Before this can be implemented, a zoning change is required to permit mixed residential-commercial use and allow for the city to have underground parking at this unit. The council will have a vote whether to allow this zoning change on the 6th of June.