A Facebook Page Isn’t Enough!

Are you posting your content on Facebook because updating your website is a difficult task?

Think again. It might not be a good idea after all.

We’ve come across many small businesses that have a website but feel it’s easier to post to Facebook than to their own website. Sure, who doesn’t like easy! We’re all busy juggling multiple things. And if you have a Facebook page that’s updated regularly and gets the job done, then why not, right?

Not necessarily!

Perhaps it’s time to talk to a web design Warrington agency for help.Image result for A Facebook Page Isn’t Enough!

The Facebook Problem

You are a small business, and you feel updating your Facebook page is more than enough for your needs. And should you need to impress visitors, you always have the URL handy.

But the fact is, even bigger companies are not untouched by this thought.

The problem with Facebook is that you don’t own the page. Sure, it’s your page, but the platform is not yours. You don’t have complete control over the content, the messaging and how you provide information to your visitors.

You are limited by the tools that Facebook offers.

When it comes to your website, you are in complete control. What message goes where, how you provide the information, and more!

You Gain yet You Lose

By publishing content to your Facebook page, you are not really helping your website’s search engine rankings are you! However, when you publish content on your website on a regular basis, not only does it help improve your rankings, it also helps build your credibility and expertise.

Invest in a CMS Website

If publishing content to Facebook is easier than to your website, perhaps there’s a problem with your website. Talk to a web design Warrington agency to check if what’s wrong with your website.

If your website is not built on a Content Management System (CMS), such as WordPress, it’s best to invest in a brand new website. A CMS website makes updating, editing and posting to your website easy and quick.

You will no longer feel it’s a huge chore. Publishing to your CMS website is as easy as publishing to your Facebook page.

Concluding Thoughts

Sure, Facebook is great. And you should continue using it. However, your Facebook page should complement your website rather than being the primary face of your business. If you are convinced that Facebook page is not the right way ahead, and are looking for a new website, Blue Whale Media can help. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.