A Brief Overview Of Web Hosting Services

In today’s world where being Online all the time is imperative for a business’s growth. Since the Internet is accessible to so many people living in different time zones, a constant need for any business to be present online arises.

However, not every individual or organisation can afford their own servers to host their website; third-party Web hosting has come to rescue. Web hosting is a simple concept wherein one party pays another to host their website on another’s server. Since servers are quite hefty when it comes to prices, web hosting proves to be a perfect choice.

With so many web hosting services already available on the internet, it can be cumbersome sometimes to choose the one that’s best for you. Of course, you would want to go for the one that offers the best deal and can strike the right balance between prices and quality of service. A new advancement in the web hosting that meets the above two criteria’s is Cloud Hosting. Cloud hosting service is based on a new technology wherein hosting is provided on virtual servers that receive their computing resources from an extensive underlying network of web servers.

How does it Work?

Usually, there are two types of cloud hosting. One is Public cloud hosting which involves the use of publicly available virtual servers hosting a website. These servers are then used to transmit the data which is physically stored on the underlying shared servers that constitute the resource of the cloud. Since public servers are involved, they would include certain necessary security measures installed to safeguard the user from data theft.

The other type is Private cloud hosting which is preferred when data security and privacy are of great concern. This type of hosting is quite popular with a large corporation as quality service providers like FastComet are also available readily. Here’s a fastcomet review you would like to read to know more about them

What’s on Offer?

Apart from the regular services, other facilities such as free installations, free template installations, free application upgrades, protection from Virus and malware and free application Firewall are also available.

Why is Cloud Hosting better?

Cloud hosting caters to multitudes of organisations, both large and small. Perhaps the biggest advantage of cloud hosting is that the user ends up paying only for the amount of data that get used. Instead of a certain recurring amount, Cloud hosting provides the option of pay as you go making it an even more attractive option.