7 Ways to Promote Your iOS App

According to statistics, there are about 3 million mobile app in App Store. This means, if you consider to launch your app on App Store, you need to have a smart strategy to reach the user base you imagine. Don’t forget that competition doesn’t allow your app to promote itself without any effort on App Store. If you don’t know where to start, here are the most effective ways to give a try.

  • ASO: App Store Optimization is a marketing strategy to optimize your App Store to let your audience find your app in your keywords. As you can understand, ASO is a keyword-based marketing strategy and you cannot reach success with organic efforts without optimizing your App Store page.
  • Mobile Advertising Channels: Because of competition, it is nearly impossible to make your app visible without allocating budget for mobile advertising channels. But, what are the most efficient channels to promote your app with higher ROI. Non-incentivized banner ads, interstitial ads, mobile video ads, native ads, and boost campaigns are the most efficient mobile advertising channels that you can consider for effective user acquisition. Remember that your user acquisition strategy should provide you engaged and qualified users and these advertising channels will make you reach your qualified user base.


  • Social Media Management: You have a lot to do for effective social media management that converts. First, find the most effective channels that your audience use and create your social presence. Second, find Facebook and Linkedin groups that your audience use and get engage with them. Lastly, you can consider social media ads with smart targeting. Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter are the most converting channels in terms of social media ads.
  • Review Management: Especially millennials give importance to ratings and reviews before deciding if downloading an app or not. This is why you should increase positive reviews and ratings. How can you do that? You can use a review plugin in your app to ask properly for giving reviews. You can also give rewards to your users in return for leaving review. Lastly you can consider review platforms like MobileStartupz.
  • Content Marketing: This is a very critical technique for mobile user acquisition. You should be aware of that content is very important while reaching your audience. Start a blog and publish contents there that cover your audiences’ pain points. You can also consider user-generated content to increase interaction and let your app go viral.
  • User Engagement: Retention is more important than user acquisition because if you can’t retain users within your app you can’t convince your audience to download your app. At this point, user engagement is very critical. There are several ways you can consider to engage your users like push notifications and deep linking. Find out them and create your strategy by including them.
  • Measure Everything: You can’t know which strategy is effective and which one is not if you don’t know what to measure. There are some important metrics like retention rate, LTV, CAC, session length, and ARPU. You need to measure these metrics and take action for a better mobile user acquisition strategy.