5 Ways To Make Your Home Smarter

Arguably the most compelling reasons to make your home smarter are to save money and gain peace of mind. Control lights, and the heating and cooling of your house from your phone or voice-activated home assistant anytime, anywhere. Keep your home properly defended with a smart security system with cameras installed where you choose, and smart keypad door locks that you can lock and unlock from your phone.

The convenience of smart home features are a benefit to anyone, but especially for individuals who are elderly or with other special health considerations. For someone whose physical abilities restrict them performing simple daily tasks such as answering the doorbell, opening or closing shades, and turning on lights, smart home automated features can mean more independence.

Outfitting your home with the latest “smart” options is easier than you might think. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

1. Strengthen The wifi Throughout Your Home

The first and most important step in making your home smarter is to optimize your wifi signal. All of your smart devices will require wifi, and the strength and speed of your internet access will determine their performance.

Place your wireless router in the center-most location in your home to equalize strength of the signal received throughout the property. Another option is to hard-wire your house with ethernet category 5 cabling, then install multiple wireless routers to create hub spots throughout your home for your smart devices.

2. Thermostat Control

Control the heating and cooling of your house and even customize temperature control from room to room with smart thermostats. Keep costs low while you’re out of town or just at work for the day, and when you’re heading back, have your home at a comfortable temperature for your arrival. Small adjustment made on a daily basis will translate into noticeable savings every month.

3. Automated Lights

Have your interior and exterior lights on a schedule, install motion sensors, and have the ability to control light switches from your phone or voice-activated home assistant device. Never use more lights than you need. Your bedtime ritual of turning off all the lights in the house will be a simple task you can complete without walking the full area of your home.

You can also install smart wifi-enabled light bulbs that you control directly from your phone without a switch.

4. Security: Locks, Video Surveillance, and Doorbell

Control your locks remotely and receive alerts if your doors are unlocked while you’re away. Install surveillance cameras to keep an eye on what’s going on at your home when you’re not there, even use a camera as a video baby monitor.

A one-way camera installed near the doorbell allows you to see who’s at your doorstep, but they can’t see you. View who is at your doorstep when you hear the doorbell and speak with your visitor before opening the door. You can even “answer” your door remotely from your phone if someone stops by when you aren’t home. A one-way camera installed near the doorbell allows you to see who’s at your doorstep, but they can’t see you.

5. Smart Shades

Open and close window shades with a tap of your phone’s app or with a simple voice command. Blocking sunlight and drawing shades for privacy has never been easier. This is a very helpful smart feature for someone with limited abilities.

If you have a home with vaulted ceilings or a room open to a second story above, you likely have windows that are inaccessible. Those windows are usually left covered or uncovered all the time. That can mean blinding light at sunrise or sunset that you can’t block, and your house is always a fishbowl. Smart shades give you the flexibility to easily block or let light in from those hard-to-reach windows.

Smart Home Service Providers

There are many options available when selecting a company that provides automated smart home services. Choose one with a proven history of customer satisfaction. ACN Inc. is a top-reviewed provider of essential home services.

Upgrade Your Home and Upgrade Your Quality of Life

The features of a smart home are convenient, offer savings of your time and money, and you will use them daily. Investing in your smart home devices and the time it takes to install and set them up will pay dividends in the future. Once you start using your smart home devices and applications, you’ll love the convenience and peace of mind, and you’ll likely wonder how you ever lived without them!