5 Trends To Get A Killer Logo Design This 2019

Logos are the best ways to connect with your target audiences. Therefore, they have to be catchy enough to register itself in the mind of the viewer. To accomplish that, a mixture of the recent trends evolved and creativity is a necessity. Today, trends are fast changing and due to this, the same logo may not be appreciated if repeated for over a few years. Hence, while re-branding; the application of new logo styles is necessary.

Semi-flat logos   

This trend aims at providing the logo with a three-dimensional look. The logo tends to project in comparison to the background. Utilizing various gradients of colors, it will look as if the logo is standing out. It will also give the effect of a shadow with the projected matter.

Variable logo design

Previously this trend was opted to fit the necessity of the logo being understandable in all platforms. But recently since one brand aims at targeting more than one type of target audience, a variable logo is designed in such a way that it will appeal to most types of audiences. For instance, a brand which wants to capture the attention of both families and teenagers will have to design a variable logo.

New age Geometry

The new age geometry technique allows multiple colors in one logo. In other words, it will allow the logo to become more catchy and appealing to the eye. It uses simple lines and shapes to give a unique logo that’s suited for the company.

Purposeful color

The color of your brand decides the emotions of your audience when they first spot the logo or the design. Certain colors relay certain designated feelings. For instance, red may be perceived as happiness, danger, or even fury. So this can be used by the brand to its advantage. This way the brand can spread their message just by the right choice of shades.


Though it is a trend of the 70s, it has recently gained popularity. It will not only give an aesthetic look to the design but will also make it look compact. The logo idea is very clear in minimalist designs.

Use the above trends to generate your perfect logo design. Let Design Grafico, the experts of this field, help you in this. For, a perfect logo will always garner attention thereby increasing your company’s reach.

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