5 Tips For Getting Followers On Instagram

Before starting, it is worth pointing out that these tips can be done as much for a personal account as for a company account, because in Instagram there is no differentiation between them as happens in Facebook, and for the moment there is no algorithm that can benefit One on top of another.

  • That said, let’s go to the mess.
  • Follow people with your same interests

The Followback strategy that follows on Twitter, can also be implemented in Instagram. Through tools like IconoSquare, you can search for specific hashtags and start following with people who share content in them. Also look for the most influential accounts in your market and through it, start following your followers. It is a quick way to get to know you and you will have many chances to become a follower of yours. Just do it, do not be too spammer.

Interact with hashtags

They are fundamental in your field of action to be able to achieve followers so much by the possibility of achieving a far greater reach to the one that you have of natural form (only with your followers) like to be able to interact in the publications that other accounts make with them, Likes to those posts or comments. It is very interesting that you make a study before of which you must work, however much one has many publications if your target audience is not there, you will not be interested in working it.

Publish quality content frequently

It’s basic, if you do not public, they will not see you or “hook” you. Try to make varied publications focused on what your followers ask for. Do not spend all day doing promo of your services or products because you will end up being very repetitive.

Buy Followers and make sure they are real

I remember the advice of never falling into the temptation to buy followers, since although in Instagram it is more difficult to detect, it is a bad practice that could very much damage the account, to the point of being able to be closed. But there are some companies that provide real followers with their organic marketing techniques. One such company is Vibbi, where you can buy Instagram likes and followers that are real and will engage with your posts.


It is a simple way to increase your community but you must do well. A gift that attracts and conditions that make it expand easily the name of your account, such as sharing a photo in their profiles mentioning you. If you are going to use a hashtag of your own, make sure that no one has used it before and that you will be able to follow it without many problems.

Promote your Instagram outside the social network

Do not stay alone in what you do there, but take it out. Promote it in your web / blog, in the newsletter or in other social networks (Facebook, Twitter …) and even share them in the updates you make (do not pass automating them because it will lose its essence)

Take it easy, it’s a long-term job in which you have to clearly define your goals and the potential audience you want to target. You will not get results immediately but you will see that everything is going to pay off and you will achieve a good community around you.