5 Skills Every SEO Professional Must Have

First of all, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is the process of getting traffic from free, organic, natural or editorial search on search engines. Google, Bing and Yahoo are the top search engines that have their search results and users will be able to see web pages, videos etc. based on what these search engines consider most relevant to users without wasting much of their time.

The latest SEO jobs are available in all parts of the globe and one can have a great future in this field as the main purpose of SEO is development and implementation of the marketing plan to improve the sales drive.

The skill set for SEO professionals is typically quite broad,but here are the top five skills every SEO professional must have:

Understanding of All Three SEO Levels

There are three tires under search engine optimization:

  • Technical (Through this, one can determine how easy or difficult it is to index the content.It is basically the structure of a site)
  • On-page optimization (use of keywords and HTML tags for increasing the traffic)
  • Off-page optimization (link building)

Having only one-dimensional SEO will not work.So,a SEO professional should have access to all the three levels to get the best out of the search results.

Relationship Building:

Connecting to audience is must, but at the same time connection with the competitors is also important. To sustain in the industry, an SEO professional should build a good relationship.

Problem Solving:

Every website is designed differently.So,in order to get the desired result, every SEO professional should plan differently. One should have great problem-solving skills while performing SEO.They are like sorting out issues with sites, finding new ways to strategically out-optimize competitors and many more.


Coding is one important skill that every SEO professional must have to deal with day to day activity. HTML coding is one of the very basic requirements in this field. He should also be familiar with Meta data and web designing. There are lot of useful tools available online to gather information, but one should be familiar with Microsoft Excel and also with the functions of pivot tables, lookup functions, logical functions and graphic objects.

Desire to Learn:

SEO and digital marketing has an often changing environment.So,one should have the desire to learn new technologies. Good SEOs work under challenges and at the same time make out time for learning new skills.

Without having technical knowledge, one can do a lot in SEO, but with technical knowledge there’s so much more one can do in terms of SEO.