5 Highly Recommended Mobile Apps for Busy Young Women

Today’s young women juggle a variety of responsibilities. Fortunately, most of them are armed with a smartphone a versatile device that can help them with their multifaceted lifestyle. From planning meals to exercising to staying on top of work, there’s a downloadable mobile app perfect for the job.

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So if you’re a young woman taking on the world and you can use a bit of help here and there to accomplish things, you really should be using your smartphone to the fullest. Explore the various features that the phone comes with as well as the services made available to you through your mobile phone plan. Likewise, don’t miss out on the latest downloadable mobile apps designed specifically to provide convenience to daily life.

When it comes to mobile apps that can help busy young women, here are five that tech experts recommend.

1. Companion

Studies have shown that globally, women’s worries about their personal safety affect their daily activities. As such, it’s a great source of relief that mobile technology has come to their rescue. How does Companion work?

For example, you’re going home a little later than usual because of a dinner meeting or a late night school project. This mobile app will select contacts from your phone to be your digital companion as you’re going home. These contacts are fed information about your whereabouts and you can easily notify them when you’ve arrived safely at home. Essentially, with this app, you’re not alone.

Likewise, Companion knows how to get help for you. Should you lose your phone in an emergency situation or you fail to get to your destination at the time you’re supposed to, it will ask if you’re okay. If it doesn’t receive a reply from you within 15 seconds, the app will alert your digital companions, who then can call the police.

2. Google Wallet

Google’s official mobile payment app for both Google Store and online payments is a must for busy ladies who frequently make online purchases. The system allows them to store everything from credit and/or debit card to different kinds of gift cards.

Furthermore, female entrepreneurs can benefit from this app as well because it distributes offers to clients with ease and runs rewards programs for loyal customers.

There are numerous mobile payment systems available these days if you’re not keen on Google Wallet. There’s no doubt you’ll easily find one provides an arrangement that suits your needs best. Say, you live in Iraq, there’s Zain Pay. With this payment program, you can easily purchase from the Shahid Plus app, which is the largest library of Arabic movies and TV series. You can also use it to pay for purchases from other app stores and online shopping sites.

3.  Mint

If you need to stay on top of your life and your finances easily, a personal spending tracker app such as Mint is perfect for you. This app will help you organize your financial responsibilities – from your bank account to credit card bills to the utility bills that come in every month.

It will help you make an accurate computation of your budget and expense and remind you of the important dates for payments to be made. With this app, you’ll have no reason to forget paying your landlord or credit card purchases on time. It can save you high-interest rates for delayed payments and other penalties.

4. Evernote Scannable

This is available to iOS users and this app can scan pretty much any paper document so you don’t have to accumulate paper clutter (such as receipts, business cards, and even contracts) in your bag.

This app is particularly helpful if you’re a career woman or a university student who frequently has to share documents or PDF files with a lot of people. If you use a mobile plan that offers daily internet, you can stay on top of correspondence and share information while on-the-go with the help of Evernote Scannable.

5. SitOrSquat

Everybody knows that women always need to know where the nearest restroom is right? Mothers, busy professionals and students need the restroom not just to relieve themselves but also to freshen up and take care of different motherly duties. SitOrSquat makes it easy to locate the nearest restrooms, wherever you may be in the world.

So there – five apps that are highly useful for young and busy women. With these, your hectic life may get considerably less stressful.