5 Hacks To Writing A High-Conversion Article


One of the most powerful things that any article can carry is the ability to persuade its readers to buy something. In digital marketing, the endgame is always a sale or at least the decision to entertain it. But there is a subtle art into turning cold leads, social media traffic, and even subscribers into a paying customer. 

So how do you do it? One of the more effective ways is a high-conversion article. The truth of the matter is that your landing page should always entice your traffic into the products or services that you’re selling. A hard sell isn’t frowned upon, but most digital marketers are finding that a soft sell may be more powerful. Here are 5 hacks you can apply to make any article an effective sales machine:

Use the same language your customers use

Knowing your target audience, or demographics will come in handy in this situation. For example, if your audience is SEO practitioners, you’ll need to speak their jargon. Research on what your audience is searching for, sift through that and use the exact words they used in their searches. 

What you say is important, but how you say it is a more valuable asset to have in writing a call-to-action.

Meet your Client’s Demand

When formulating your copy you also need to be able to meet the minimum number of words and characters required by your client. You can use a character counter to accurately tell you the exact number of characters already in your article. This helps you determine if you have already met the minimum number set by your client fast and easily.

Once you have the exact number of characters and words you then need to be able to deliver the quality of the content which you have promised. Research thoroughly and minimize writing opinions.

Your first few paragraphs should contain 90% of the information your customers need

One of the most fundamental things about getting someone to consider your products/services is the implicit meeting of both your goals. When you, as a digital entrepreneur, identify exactly what your customers need, a meeting of the minds happens. How do you do this? Well, you need to present what they’re getting in the first two paragraphs of your copy.

The digital marketing community depends solely on getting the attention of their respective audiences. Several studies have shown that the average attention span of people on the Internet is 8 seconds. That means you have that short amount of time to get people interested. So present your case in your first paragraph, then follow-up with the expected results on the next. 

Lull customers by asking for micro-investments

With how competitive the digital marketing industry is, expect that enticing customers for a sale won’t be easy. Even if a customer finds your offer attractive, timely, and relevant, they still will search for alternatives. Sweeten the offer by breaking it down to small investments. For example, if you are offering a service, offer a trial first. 

This goes well with products too. A 30-day trial is standard if you want to grow your customer base. Make your audience feel that their decision is informed. Think of it like this, a new customer, even though he has all the information for an informed decision, still needs a guarantee that spending  his money won’t be for naught. He’s giving up something, so it’s your task as an entrepreneur to make him feel comfortable about it.

Learn the value of breaking up text

This is in accordance to how attention spans are so short nowadays. There is power in breaking up the text of your copy. When you have a long paragraph at the top, your audience won’t likely read its entirety. No matter how specific, well-researched, and beautiful your copy is, if it looks too long on the eyes of your audience, they won’t pay attention to it!

Break up your text with the sole purpose of increasing the ease of reading for your audiences. Use short sentences, bullets, subheadings, and more. Instead of a sentence that states the features of your product, go for a list. Give it to your audience in bite-size pieces, much like feeding a child. 

Identify the value of your products/services

This is very important. Instead of saying “Sign Up Today To Learn More About Digital Product Optimization”, turn it into something like “Increase Your Sales By At Least 30% Through This Course!”. The difference between the two is that the latter focuses on the value of the service rather than its process. While the first one is fine, it puts the product and service front and center, instead of the potential result of getting that product/service.

Also, notice that the first one is basically another thing to do. Most people will read that as an additional task to be completed. The second one features the result of the action once it is done. In this regard, you create an atmosphere where your customer can visualize the results of undergoing the process that you’re selling. 

If you’re selling a product, you should intrinsically know the value of it. Ask yourself these questions: What will my product give my customers? What can they gain by using it? How are their lives gonna be better? Identifying your products’ strong points is the first order of business. Once you have it down, capitalize on it.


Always remember that at the end of the day, the more audience you have does not necessarily mean the bigger your profits. The online community historically has been driven by hype, and so, it’s not a guarantee a sale will go through even though you have millions of traffic every day. It pays more to get your niche market, the ones who are passionate about the products and/or services that you’re peddling.