5 Best Free Webinar Tools

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There is little doubt that the video webinar has changed the way business communicates internally and with their clients and customers. In the early days, the cost of the best webinar tools were quite high, preventing many entrepreneurs and small business owners from taking advantage. Today, the best free webinar tools offer solid features that allow businesses of all sizes to take advantage of this communication platform.

What follows are the five free online webinar platform tools that you can use for your business needs. Each one offers strong advantages that when used properly can help make your company more efficient in communicating with clients and customers.

ezTalks Webinar

This free online webinar service is arguably the best based on what it provides. Superior video conferencing, multiple devices, and it can bring together up to 100 participants and reach audiences as large as 10,000 on a single session.

There is a premium or paid version of ezTalks, but you can try the free version which allows up to 100 minutes to test out what it provides. The good news is that ezTalks is easy to use, provides exceptional HD video, screen sharing, and records your webinars for playback purposes. If you are in doubt about which video webinar service is for you, ezTalks is the answer.


This popular webinar service offers the ability to create your own features or choose from one of the established programs for speed. Some of the available features include polls, chatting, muting, and answering questions through a texting service. Although impressive, the free features are somewhat limited, so you will need to purchase if you want more.

Google Hangouts

Over the past few years, Google has developed a simple, easy to use webinar platforms designed for small meetings. Thanks to the introduction of Google+, this free online webinar platform is available for business or private use. Up to 10 participants can use it at once and it offers good live streaming. However, it is rather limited, which means that only small groups or businesses can make use of it.

TokBox Video Chat

Simple, clean and one of the best webinar tools you can find, this platform allows for up to 20 participants. Plus, you can incorporate social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter for easy use. Another nifty features, especially good for training seminars, is that you can share YouTube videos with ease. The only downside is that it cannot record the webinars for you which may be problematic.

Zoho Meeting

This free online webinar service offers several different features, including desktop sharing, multi-platform support, instant meetings, messaging, and scheduling. It’s a great service, but the free version is limited to a single participant and host, making it rather limited in trying Zoho Meeting out before purchasing.

There is little doubt that all five programs are excellent, filled with features, and easy enough to help you learn how to host a webinar. Of the best free webinar tools available, ezTalks stands well above the rest. While the others offer some excellent features, exTalks puts them all together in a free platform you can try out before making the decision to purchase the main service.