4 Stats That Show Why Instagram Is A Marketers Paradise

There are many stats that inspire you to Buy Instagram Likes. More than 7 in 10 businesses in America use this photo sharing app. It has more branding value and higher engagement rates compared to most other social networks. There are many such positive stats that make this app/site a must-have marketing platform.

1. Branded Hashtags

Instagram is different from other social media platforms in terms of how open Instagram Followers are too branded content. 7 out of 10 hashtags on the site are branded. On most other social media sites that would be an easy way to send people off your pages and posts. Besides, the use of hashtags in Instagram posts offers higher engagement level compared to posts without hashtags.

2. Your Competition is already Using Instagram

If you are looking for better reasons to Buy Instagram Likes, you should check the percentage of businesses that are already using this platform. Over 71% of businesses in the United States are already on this app/site. Just a couple of years ago, the figure were less than 50%. The reason the social media platform has seen such massive growth is because of new features like ad programs and business profiles.

3. Business Followers

Another factor that makes Instagram important for your business is the percentage of Instagram Followers who follow a business. More than 8 in 10 users on this app follow a business. 6 in 10 users hear about a brand on this platform. That is a very strong reason for you to build your presence on this app.

4. High Promotional Penetration

While there is emphasis on more organic or informational content across most social media platforms, Instagram is an exception. More than 65% of the highest-performing posts on this site have products. In other words, most of the Instagram users like seeing branded photos and videos.

Thus, there are many reasons for your business to use Instagram. If you are looking for one of the most effective ways to building a strong brand presence on this platform, you should Buy Instagram Likes, followers, and views.