3 Tips for Creating the Perfect Website Search Feature

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When it comes to your website, having a search feature is one of the most important elements. Your website should be designed to improve user experience, but without a well-optimized search bar, you will not be able to achieve this goal. A site requires much more than great navigation to address its visitors’ needs. Here are 3 ways you can optimize your site’s search function for best results.
1. Show More Detailed Results
It is not just the results, it is also the presentation that matters. How your results are served will affect how your visitors will determine which result to select. This includes two key factors:
Number of Results: If you have a large number of webpages, showing dozens of results for the search feature can easily turn off your visitors.
Relevance: The results should be ranked on the basis of revenue to ensure that a limited number of results are displayed. The relevance should be based on a ranking system. For example, WPSOLR has a powerful algorithm that displays only relevant results in your site’s search feature.
2. Include Filters
Include maximum-possible, relevant filters in your search feature. Your visitors should be able to choose different filters such as category, price, ratings, and other factors based on what you offer. This helps them in narrowing down their search.
3. Allow Search for Everything
You shouldn’t just restrict your site’s search feature to your products. Allow your visitors to search for all your pages and all topics including terms and conditions, shipping policy, and return policy among others. If you have a FAQs page, it will be better to include it too.
The search function is an extremely important feature for your website. Make sure you create a comprehensive feature or choose the right plugin that offers all the above-mentioned benefits.