3 Reasons Selfie Sticks Are A Tech-Lover’s Best Friend

How unusual a pairing – the selfie stick and a (nerdy?) tech-lover. Believe it or not, tech-lovers and selfie sticks have quite a fair deal in common. I’d go as far as to say that these two would even make the best of friends. Hear me out:

1. Selfie Stick Technology

Let’s start with the most obvious thing they have in common – a love for all things tech.

The best selfie stick you can find is one that makes full use of its technology to improve the user experience, in terms of both hardware and software. The best selfie stick optimises its handle by maximising the grip at its “joints” – the parts of the handle you place your hand at when using the selfie stick. By increasing the amount of friction at these strategic areas, selfie sticks can remain lightweight but very efficient and ergonomic.

What’s more impressive is the software in selfie sticks. The latest one-touch shutter release technology is not battery-operated; therefore, it can be used continually without being limited by battery life. This is an upgrade from the Bluetooth technology used in the first selfie sticks which often ran out of juice after only a few hours of use. The rapid manner in which selfie stick technology has advanced and developed to suit the needs of its users is certainly something any tech-lover can appreciate.

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There are a lot of rumours that new technology is being developed to allow users to adjust the settings of the phone camera, including brightness, exposure, colour and even add filters with just the simple click of a button, although no such technology exists yet.

2. Underappreciated piece of technology

Much like a lot of the new technology tech-lovers are fascinated by, selfie sticks are very under-appreciated, even though they have a great deal of potential for innovation.

Take for example the latest ultra-lightweight technology used to design selfie sticks today. This remarkable idea was first proposed in 2008, but it was not until 2013 that developers began to pick up the idea and develop a design based on this proposal.

I’m sure every tech-lover out there can relate to the pain of trying to explain a remarkable piece of technology to someone who has absolutely no interest in it, or someone who cannot understand how great this product is. That’s what the selfie stick is all about – underrated technology that deserves far more credit than it gets.

There are plans right now for selfie sticks that could weigh a mere 80g and extend up to 230cm, although no company has been willing to back this project yet. How exciting this must be!

We take for granted these features of selfie sticks that have become almost ubiquitous, but the technology developed with the aim of minimising weight, maximising length and the software involved in making a selfie stick so efficient at its job, are very recent developments. This makes them a very versatile piece of photography equipment and here are 6 ways how to use a selfie stick. I’m sure that this would be something tech-lovers would love to learn more about.

3. Improving Technology

A lot is currently being done to improve the technology being used by selfie sticks, but there is very little backing in the tech community for the research required to develop these into ideas. One of the most exciting proposals would have to be the ultra-lightweight selfie stick that is able to rotate the phone 360 degrees, making full use of the iPhone’s panorama feature. This technology is still in the works, and little is known about the progress of its development, but we are certainly looking forward to the day we can take 360-degree shots with our iPhone and a selfie stick.