3 Popular Uses of Printers Other Than Printing on Paper

Printers are as common as TV sets are in households. But most people simply consider this device as an accessory to laptops or computers; and a gadget to turn to when printing on paper is desired. While those two considerations are true, its purpose extends beyond that. For crafters and people making money out of DIY pieces, the inkjet printer is a perfect partner for this venture. Here are 3 popular printer uses that most people are not aware of but must have encountered one way or another.

#1 Transfer Printed Images to Metal and Wood

The transfer of printed images to metal and wood is a process used in most keychains, mugs, and some do-it-yourself (DIY) crafts. Using a printer, digital image is printed on the glossy part of stickers and labels. Once printing is complete, the printed image is then transferred to wood or metal by spreading it out gently on the surface to avoid smearing the ink with one’s fingers. And when done, it is set aside to dry. This process is applicable only to glossy surfaces though and is not intended for porous materials that do not easily absorb ink.Image result for 3 Popular Uses of Printers Other Than Printing on Paper

#2 Make Customized Photo Cakes

Customized photo cakes have become essential in various celebrations including birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, baptisms, and reunions. Photo cakes come with a customized topping made possible with an inkjet printer. One will only need to buy an inkjet ink cartridge filled with edible ink and paired with edible paper to print on. The images are printed directly on the edible paper using edible ink. After which, the printed image is placed carefully over the cake and serves as edible topping.  

#3 Add Flourishes to Clothing

Nothing beats customized clothing particularly when adding graphic designs. To do this, one will need a plain white fabric (silk or cotton material), mild detergent, treating solution, freezer paper, scissors, flat iron, computer, and inkjet printer. When all tools and materials are gathered, proceed with the process as enumerated below.

(1) Cut a piece of fabric slightly larger than common-sized printer paper as allowance for shrinkage.

(2) Pre-wash the cut fabric, let dry, and iron press.

(3) Treat the cut fabric. Pour a considerable amount of treating solution on a container and soak the cut fabric for 5 minutes. Let dry and iron press afterwards.

(4) Cut freezer paper based on the intended image size.

(5) Position the waxy side of the freezer paper on top of the cut fabric and iron press. Cut the excess fabric after.

(6) Place the fabric and freezer paper combo on inkjet printer and print. Make sure that the image is printed on fabric.

Note: For the printer ink, it is okay to use and buy cheap ink cartridges online. The result is exactly the same when using a genuine cartridge.

(7) Peel off the freezer paper. Then wash the fabric with mild detergent, dry and iron press.

(8) Sew the fabric with printed image on clothing or iron it following another set of instructions.

These are just 3 of the most popular uses of inkjet printers other than printing on paper. It may require a couple of steps before a result is realized but the final product is worth it.