3 Event Planning Pain Points and Frustrations

Managing events has its fair of frustrations: from last-minute changes to inadequate communication between crew members, the venue host, and the person curating the guest list, coordinating an event can quickly fall into chaos. Luckily, securing a successful event with the help of live event workforce management can streamline communication paths, ensuring that pertinent individuals are onboard, scheduled, and their work hours tracked. However, here are some pain points of event companies that forgo live events workforce management and rely on older forms of business communication.

Cumbersome Paper Trail

Manual processes are not only labor-intensive, but they are not scalable. Manual processing has its merits, but they can cost an event company hours, sometimes weeks of wasted time over the course of a project. With manual handling, you need to track paper trails, reconcile the actual hours worked, and then manually key in hours for payment – it is a system that is archaic, inefficient, and slows down your time to invoice clients. Emerging technologies like crew scheduling and automated time tracking should be invested to help improve workflow and automate processes that were initially done manually. It’s worth noting that not all platforms will work for the unique workflow of an event company, with companies needing to be cognizant of labor and union rules as well as the limitations of their mobile workforce.

Last Minute Changes

Nailing the details is critical for an event’s success. The sometimes last-minute changes can push the whole event off course, potentially affecting the budget. Handling modifications require a thorough understanding of the line of command to ensure that all channels of communication are responsive. It is very difficult to message and re-brand an event in very short notice without providing that everyone is on the same page. An online platform that manages travel itineraries and communicating job details can streamline the process and make sure that everyone is all hands on deck whenever these last-minute changes occur.

Changes to the Guest List

What you do when your guest list changes quickly close the day of the event? The answer lies in working particularly close with the venue. For many event companies, the work site is where most of the job is completed – but there seems to be a disconnect between planners and the host outside of moving and installing equipment. A drop or spike in numbers after everything has been confirmed can be a logistical nightmare. The solution is using technology to broadcast changing event details. Instead of relying on call after call, automate communication capabilities to save the amount of time used to reach out to the appropriate venue coordinator