20 Examples of Branding in Print Design Work 

Print can be a great medium to brand a business. It can be easily overlooked in an age where you can set up a website for selling Car Parts fiat punto, get some WordPress hosting and pay for a social media campaign.

1. Absolut

Absolut is known for branding their products with edgy and brilliant graphic designs. They do a great job here by aligning their brand with a social cause. To make the ad more impactful to their brand, they create a silhouette of their famous bottle in the center with the outline containing the signature gay pride colors.

2. Heinz

Sometimes all brands have to do is to remind their audience of their purpose. In this print ad, Heinz does a great job at this by simply using the message “pass the Heinz” and associating it with visuals of foods (fries, burgers, steaks) that are commonly paired with their product. Note how they don’t say pass the ketchup.Image result for 20 Examples of Branding in Print Design Work


More brands are learning that the best way to create a successful branding campaign is by simply providing high quality and interesting content. Delta pulls this off by painting on the side of two adjoining walls. They use a combination of humor, storytelling and real photos of travel destinations to draw in attention.

4. Penguin Audiobooks

We’re all familiar with audio books, but Penguin does a great job of reminding us why we should purchase them. This ad centers on an overview look at the cut stem of a tree. The pattern of tree makes up the shape of a whale to remind the reader of nature. The bottom closes it off with a simple message stating “save paper” and is reinforced with the brand logo.

5. Weight Watchers

Weight Watchers is a company that offers products and services to help their members lose weight. Their print ad does an amazing job in inviting new people to join their programs. It uses a humorous but empowering photo that gives people a clear idea of what to expect. This ad is incredibly simple but the message is powerful.

6. WWF

The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) is known for creating powerful but simple messages that remind everyday people of the importance of nature conservation. This one is no different. It has a picture of a shark fin on the left side and a regular body of water on the right. The left panel spells out “horrifying” while the right says “more horrifying”, reminding people of the importance of wildlife.

7. Fanta

Fanta is a soft drink brand that’s known for telling consumers “have a taste of Fanta.” They bring this reality to life with a creative print ad campaign that aligns perfectly with their brand. The ad can be torn and put in your mouth. The surprising part is that the paper actually has an orange taste similar to Fanta’s signature flavor. 

8. Orion Telescopes

Orion Telescopes does an incredible job of branding by creating a print ad that showcases the effectiveness of their product. They show a picture of the moon in 200x. At 400x, it shows the American flag that’s planted on the moon. In the final zoom, you can see a fine print in the flag that says “made in China” for a humorous spin.

9. Monopoly

Monopoly is a board game that many people are familiar with. This print ad is a creative ad that reminds you of what happens in the game. The ad shows a couple checking into a hotel that is completely clad in red. This obviously refers to the green and red hotels that are built in the game.

10. Burger King

Burger King comes up with a creative ad where one of their locations is burning down in a fire. They use this reference to point to the fact that their burgers are flame grilled unlike other fast food brands. The ad is very misleading until you see the message on the top right that says Flame Grilled Since 1954.

11. Gripex

Gripex is an anti allergy medication that’s available over the counter. To help brand the product in a competitive marketplace, the print ad shows multiple silhouettes of people in a side profile. Their nose has a darker silhouette of the allergy affecting them. In this case, it’s a silhouette of a dog and one of a cat.

12. Rolling Stone

Rolling Stone magazine has a reputation for covering alternative music. To remind their audience what they’re about, they align their brand with a powerful symbol. It’s a guitar made out of human bones with a heart in the base of the guitar. The statement they use for this ad is “we are made of rock.”

13. Expedia

This ad campaign for Expedia uses airport codes to represent the various destinations that travelers can visit. The three letter codes spell, SUN, SEA, SND and SEX which refers to all the things that travelers can experience during their trip.

14. Volkswagen

Volkswagen isn’t exactly known for their off road models. That’s why they created a branding campaign to advertise their new model called the Amarok. It’s a pick up truck that gets up to 620 miles out of a single tank. To refer to this amazing feat, a car key shaved in symbols of the forest is shown.

15. McDonalds

McDonalds is known for their signature french fries. To communicate to their audience that their product is freshly made, they show a picture of a whole potato that is shaved down to look like the actual McDonalds fries that you can order from their restaurants.

16. Dog Chow

In this powerful ad, Dog Chow shows an owner feeding her dog. Instead of feeding her dog normally, it looks like she’s dispensing garbage into a trash can shaped dog. The ad obviously refers to other low quality dog products and reminds dog owners to choose Dog Chow.

17. Bamboo

To help promote this tablet company’s line of products, this ad comes up with a pen that has a wide range of different utilities. It refers to the versatility that the tablet company offers through their products which makes for a powerful brand message.

  1. Band Aid

    This example is powerful because it combines two brands to create a brand message. The ad features Marvel’s Incredible Hulk and shows one of his fingers wrapped with Band Aid’s signature product. This grabs attention due to a character many people are familiar with while also humorously referring to the idea that if the product is dependable for the Hulk, it should be dependable for everyone else.

    19. Perrier

    This is just one of the many print ads that Perrier has created for their product. It features everything melting around the main character due to the heat. In an effort to cool down, the character reaches towards a Perrier bottle nearby. This melting effect of the surroundings is visually stunning and the ad does a great job in alluding to the main product.

    20. Sharpie

    Sharpie has always been known for creating ads that demonstrate the quality of their pens and how they can be used. This one is no different. It creates a comic storyboard that is completely drawn with the Sharpie pen. In the center of the comic pages, it features the blue Sharpie that was used to create it. This print ad showcases the versatility of this particular product while staying true to Sharpie’s brand.

Again, print can be just as powerful as a digital marketing campaign created for a website set up with WordPress hosting. People even refer to print campaigns on social media, so it’s not something that stays strictly in the offline medium. It allows brands to express themselves and send a message to the right audience.