2 Best Office Security Cameras – What To Consider While Buying Them And What Are Their Benefits

Indoor office security cameras are the third eye that you can use to follow all office activities despite not being physically present on the premises. The fact is other sure methods which abound are expensive. It’s either you buy ammo in bulk and guns too, or you leave the securing up to the experts. Realistically, surveillance cameras help to deter theft crimes. Wondering how? Well, all security cameras are attached to the dvr system where all the captured footage is stored. Thus, you can always access the dvr system as long as you have the authentication to do so even remotely. However, it is this specific feature that also makes security cameras susceptible to hacking. Hackers can corrupt the dvr system with malware to watch your feed and steal your company’s data. Therefore, it’s very essential to follow the below-listed golden rules of cybersecurity while installing a surveillance camera.

  • The backdoor password of the dvr system should be encrypted, strong, and designed by professionals
  • The dvr accessibility should be limited to a few devices and the password should rest only with a few trusted hands
  • The surveillance system should be frequently updated and scanned with network testing services and software testing services

As long as you can follow the above-listed steps, the chances that your security cameras can be hacked are minimal.

How To Choose A Security Camera?

The following few considerations will help you in choosing the best security camera for your office.

  • Be selective if you want the camera for outdoor surveillance or internal monitoring
  • Prefer cameras built with CCD technology. Even better if you can invest in buying a night-vision camera that can capture clear footage in dimly-lit surrounding too. Such cameras are most instrumental in securing offices in the finance sector
  • Consider your budget. Also, the choice of a camera is made best when the width of the area you want to monitor is taken into view. Thus, wired IP cameras can be used for internal monitoring of smaller firms and wireless cameras are best for larger firms

2 Best Office Security Cameras And Their Benefits

The guide below is a mixture of 2 surveillance cameras that though are different in a lot of ways, yet share one feature in common – both are high-resolution cameras that capture pixelation free videos and pictures.

  1. Dome Cameras – Dome cameras are perfect indoor guard cameras that can monitor all unattended corners in an office. Some people do argue about their relevance when it comes to PTZ cameras, but in their defense, dome cameras are much cheaper than PTZ cameras. Besides, using PTZ cameras to guard a small space isn’t a wise choice if running on a tight budget
  2. IP Cameras – Wired or not, IP cameras are best to monitor staff, customers, as well as outdoor premises that can bust the chances of live burglary too. Besides, outdoor IP cameras have a stunning night vision too