10 Trends in Retailing

Since the GWC USA company is a retailer, it is important for them to keep in mind the different retail trends that are common in 2017, regardless of being a retailer in the valve industry. There are many different trends that consumers follow every year along with every season.kitchen

There are 10 different trends in retail in the 2017 New Year and these include the following:

  1. Retailers who promote product quality, sustainability and transparent will flourish: consumers would rather buy a product or service that does sustainable practices than one that does not.
  2. Retailers providing a unique in-store experience will thrive compared those who don’t: consumers have the choice to shop online but would rather go to a physical location in order to receive a unique in-store experience.
  3. Retailers across the board need to adopt mobile payment solutions: mobile payments are the way of the immediate future.
  4. This year smaller stores are more in vs. larger retailer stores: big-box retailers should look into smaller-format stores.
  5. Personalization is more important to consumers than ever before
  6. Same-day shipping is becoming more prominent: it is said that 80% of shoppers want the same-day shipping and retailers need to find way to meet this demand.
  7. Retailers are continuing to invest in omnichannels:social media plays a huge role in retailing and therefore should use these to help their businesses thrive.
  8. Retailtainment will pervade the retail industry: this means that having that in-store experience is extremely important to consumers and now they are looking for retail and entertainment when they shop.
  9. Marketing research data will continue to be a significant competent of retail success: nowadays, companies have been collecting their primary data by using neuroscience more than ever and continuing to use secondary data.
  10. Specialty stores are starting to out rule department stores: it is said that nowadays, consumer interests focus in on curated selections rather than a department store with more selection and variety of things.